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Cattle Development Programme


Organization : The Corbett Foundation (TCF)


Location : Gujarat


Project Description

Ecological Research Centre (KERC) initiated the Cattle Development Programme with the financial support from the Bombay Gowrakshak Trust in 2005. The project was initiated in Abdasa taluka of Kutch and covered 37 villages. Over the years, the programme has been very well received by the local communities as KERC is the only organisation providing mobile veterinary care and treatment in the area. Today, this programme covers over 160 villages in Abdasa and Nakhatrana talukas. The Cattle Development Programme is implemented under the following sub-heads:

Veterinary Care

Most of the villagers own livestock and therefore this programme has been very useful to them. KERC operates three mobile veterinary care units each covering each of the 160 villages in a week. On an average, KERC treats around 3500-4000 cattle in one year. KERC oftens collaborates with the Government Veterinary Department, for cattle vaccination programme in some of the villages like Jatvandh, Path, Tera, Nani Dhufi, Vingaber, Bitiyari, Kuvapadhar, Moti Dhufi, Lakhaniya, Pithoranagar, Khanay, Dhanavada, Bharapar and Khanai. The main objective of KERC is to to ensure a healthy cattle population to prevent any diseases to be passed on to the wild herbivours in the area.

Breed Improvement

For better milk-yielding breeds of cows, KERC with the support of Bombay Gowrakshak Trust, initiated the Cattle Development and Breed Improvement Programme in Abdasa and Nakhatrana talukas. The programme explores the feasibility of introducing pure breed of Gir and Kankrej cattle along with better and sustainable cattle management interventions like stall feeding and better veterinary care to ensure higher milk yield and overall economic development of the local communities.

Awareness and Training

KERC, with its experience in the areas of Veterinary Care programme and Breed Improvement programme, realised that the general conditions of the animals in Kutch area is very poor as the cattle owners lack the necessary knowhow about cattle care. To bridge this gap and for the sustainability of the project, capacity building of the cattle owners and volunteers is undertaken on a regular basis. KERC initiatied several awareness and training programmes on topics like animal hygiene, scientific breeding techniques, importance of ethnic pure breeds, importance of vaccination and importance of nutrition. KERC participates in the events like Banni Pashu Mela and interacts with the visitors about these aspects. KERC has also published informative posters and leaflets that are distributed free of charge to the villagers.

Bulk Milk Cooling Centres

KERC successfully facilitated the setting up of a Bulk Milk Cooling Plant of the area in Tera village. The plant, set up in collaboration with the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and Mother's Dairy and co-funded by KERC, is providing immediate market link to the vilagers owning cattle. This plant works on the principles of PPP (Public Private Partnership) wherein the land is owned by a villager, KERC has funded the construction of the plant and NDDB installs the machinery and operates the plant with its manpower and resources. A similar plant has also been facilitated by KERC in Kanakpar village in collaboration with NDDB.

Grassland Development

With funding from the Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF) and support of the villagers, KERC implemented the Grassland Eco-Development Project in Kukdau village in 2002. KERC converted 100 acres of denuded village common pastureland (gauchar) into fertile and productive grassland. The village youths were involved in ploughing the land, sowing seeds of nutricious grass species and building trenches, thus providing them with additional source of income. The grass thus harvested was fed to cattle in winter and summer months when fodder is scarce. Planting better quality grass and protecting it during the monsoon months not only ensured better butrition for the livestock but also provided refuge and sanctuary to smaller mammals and ground-nesting birds of the area. As this project was very successful, KERC intends to extend it to other villages in Kutch with like-minded partners.


Project Type : Donor funded


Project Donors and Partners

Kutch Ecological Research Centre (KERC), National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Mother's Dairy, Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF)

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