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Learning Enrichment Program (LEP)


Organization : Cohesion Foundation Trust


Location : Gujarat


Project Description

LEP is core component of education program. Under this activity standard III to IV deficit children are focused and our objective is to remove their deficits and enhance their capacity to understand their academic curriculum so we work according to Level I and II. In the month of July 2013, we have selected 28 schools where quality of education was poor. So our team went to schools, met teacher took base line test for all students, checked test papers and selected 60 students from the schools with consensus of Head masters and class teachers.

Upper primary and high school: Apart from LEP, CFT runs support classes for standard VI, VII, VIII, IX and X in our respected villages. Total 15 classes have been running, qualified and higher educated youth were selected to teach students.

Computer class: Cohesion believes that youth can change society so we apparently work with the support of youth. From the starting of education program CFT has shared its responsibility with the youth soldiers. In our computer center, youth and adult take benefits likewise youth also can join hand with us in removing deficit of children of primary schools. During this span we have run two batches of computer class without fees. In the place of fees youth teach students of their street of faliyas. First batch of 30 students successfully passed computer course and in the second batch 37 students gave examination. For the preparation of taking class youth were provided training on pedagogy, simple tools of language and mathematics by senior LEP tutors.

Right to education and school governance: According to RTE act 2009 all children under age group of 6-14 are eligible to get free and compulsory primary education. So CFT attributes this right in favor of poor and marginalized community of 150 villages of Rapar, bhachau and santalpur blocks. We have worked with pupils to panchayat. We strengthened SMC, volunteers and panchayat members through using various tools of awareness and we have seen significant changes in lives of community during this span. Community awareness: through various meeting, house hold visits and different types of community contacts we have tried to generate awareness on Right to education. We have organized so many activities to generate awareness on RTE; we have good response from community as well as panchayat and SMC.

SDP development and handing over:  out of 162 schools we have developed 153 SDP with the support of SMC, PRI and volunteer. In this regard our team has 22 been given training on how to make SDP by AIF team. We used tools of PRA such as house hold visit, social map, transect walk, meeting with focus group, time line and collected information from community and schools. Often team visited school and community to verify collected details and data. During annual Gram sabha meeting organized by government, we presented some SDP to the Gramsabha and handed it over to the school Head Master. In some cases SMC handed over to school principal. In few villages we felt difficulties in submitting SDP, because school also have order to make SDP by their own so in such type of case SMC requested to merge important things in their SDP


  • 60 students from the 28 schools were benefited for quality education.
  • 589 students of Class VI-VIII including 220 girls and 369 boys take benefits under 9 support class same way 6 support class run standard of IX- X, 386 students including 128 girls and 258 boys took benefits.
  • Total 809 students of class III- V were focused by computer youth including 347 girls.
  • Schools and Panchayats have been promoted and strengthened from 150 villages of Rapar, Bhachau and Santalpur blocks

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

American India Foundation, TATA Chemicals

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