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Sustainable Nutrition Security through Nutrition/Kitchen Gardens


Organization : Aatapi Seva Foundation


Location : Gujarat


Project Description

Nutrition gardens are the most successful models of improving Nutrition Security through Agricultural interventions. They have been shown to improve not only food and nutrition security, but can also be a means of promoting sustainable agriculture and access to naturally grown medicinal plants. The sudden lockdowns imposed due to  COVID-19 pandemic drew everyone's attention to the nutrition security of the most vulnerable, who were left devoid of a secured nutritional diets due to lack of supplies of supplemnets otherwise available from govt. schemes. While the PDS was roped in by the Govt. to ensure no one is left hungry, nutritional security and quality of diets were compromised heavily, especially for the most vulnerable sections. Dependence on outside supplies to maintain nutrition was highlighted, more than ever, and guided Aatapi to promote Nutrition Gardens for the most marginalised sections of their areas of intervention. They therefore decided to take up in a mission mode, promotion of sustainable Nutrition Gardens, starting with the most vulnerable and marginalised sections of the society viz Pregnant and Nursing women, Anemic adolescent girls, malnourished children and persons with disability. They aim to prepare and mentor atleast 500 direct beneficiaries in the year to grow, nurture and benefit from such nutrition gardens.


Project Type : Donor funded


Special Features of Project

  • The nutrition gardens grown, would be taken care using only natural means of agriculture devoid of pesticides and inorganic fertilisers
  • These nutrition gardens are seen to be a nexus point integrating all their programs. 
  • The beneficiaries include pregnant and lactating women, children under the age of 5 years, adolescents, persons with disabilities, farmers and Self Help Group members. 
  • Nutrition gardens will be the cusp of their programs on Agriculture and Health/Nutrition - wherein Nutrition Health education will be an integral part to ensure consumption of foods by the families and most vulnerable persons.
  • The outcome indicators will include improvement in dietary patterns, and dietary intake of protective foods
  • Since nutrition gardens will also grow some medicinal plants, they also aim to promote consumption and processing of surplus in a social enterprise model

Project Donors and Partners

Transpek Industries Ltd

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