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Technology Museum – A CSR initiative of Union Bank of India


Organization : Blind People’s Association (India)


Location : Gujarat


Project Description

Blind People's Association

Blind People’s Association has dedicated one room of 15X20ft. approximately in Building No.8 for establishing Technology Museum for visually challenged persons. This centre will work during all working days. Two trained volunteers will be there to demonstrate all equipments to the visually challenged visitors. This center will give an idea to the blind and low vision persons about the effective and affordable solutions to the problems they face in their educations, employment or everyday life.  This museum has been funded at the tune of Rs. 11 lakhs by the Union Bank of India. 

As we all know assistive technology is a fast growing area and a number of softwares, applications, tools are being developed to address the special needs of the disabled persons. In case of visually challenged persons too many affordable and extremely useful solutions are available to increase their efficiency in education, employment and everyday life. But these tools and softwares are available at different organizations as a result, many of the users cannot gather information about new developments and are deprived of special benefits of these gadgets. We understand that there is a strong need of bringing useful and affordable technological softwares and hardwares under one roof so as to disseminate information about these equipments, demonstrate them to the visually challenged persons and to provide them first-hand experience of these tools. Our organizations being the largest and leading organization of the state is frequently visited by a large number of visually challenged students and professionals as a result, this resource center will be a great help for them. In addition the Technology Center for the Blind frequently organizes short term trainings in assistive technology for visually challenged employees, students and professionals working for education and the rehabilitation of the blind and low vision persons. This resource center will add functional utility and effectively to these training programmes.

Though there are a number of technology solutions and obtaining all of them would be too expensive. Therefore, initially we have shortlisted a list of softwares and hardwares which are frequently used to bring comfort ease and efficiency in the life of persons with blindness and low vision.  These are all housed in the Technology Museum and are demonstrated to persons with visual impairment and visitors who are interested in seeing how persons with visual impairment use technology. 

This “Technology Museum” has been funded by the Union Bank of India at a total cost of Rs. 11 lakhs.  It has a display of all technology useful to the blind.  This Museum was inaugurated on 24th July, 2018 Tuesday at 1.00 p.m. by Shri RajkiranRai G. Managing Director, Union Bank of India in the presence of Ms. Monika Kalia, Field General Manger, Gujarat and Mr. Deepak Kamble, Regional Manager. .  This Technology Museum has been designed by Shri Mehul Bhatt, a young and dynamic architect who visited the Vision in the Dark project of the BPA, experienced blindness through simulation and then designed this Museum. 

Special Features of the Project

  1. This a first it’s kind of museum that displaying assistive technology for people with visual impairment and low vision in India.
  2. Affordable assistive technology (Software & Hardware) are explained to people with visual impairment and low vision in India.
  3. People with visual impairment and low vision in India can access and learn latest technology related to blindness.
  4. Technology museum provides training on uses of latest technology equipment to the people with visual impairment and low vision in India.
  5. Technology museum place effective role in sensitising and creating awareness
  6. Ideal space for research students doing a research on technology and accessibility.

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Union Bank of India

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