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Rural & Social Development Program


Organization : Sitaram Jindal Foundation


Location : Haryana,Karnataka


Project Description

Rural Development Program

The Foundation has been running various social initiatives for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden. Some of the activities of the foundation are stated as under:-

Rural Development Programs

Foundation has constructed school buildings with all basic amenities in more than 100 villages and handed over them to the Government for conducting classes. Basic facilities for education, health and potable water have been provided. The foundation has dug bore wells and constructed overhead water tanks in several villages to provide safe drinking water to the villagers.

Foundation has also been instrumental in renovation / construction and expansion of old buildings of school and colleges. Drinking water projects were taken up in surrounding villages. The details of some of the projects are as follows:

  1. Construction of School buildings, Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore district
  2. Drinking Water project (15 villages), Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore district
  3. Construction of new rooms / buildings (21 villages), Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore district
  4. Borewells etc. for drinking water in 28 villages, Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore district
  5. Construction of school buildings (50 villages), Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore district

Six Institutions at Village Nalwa, Haryana and donated to Government

The Foundation has constructed six institutions comprising of a College, ITI, High School, Primary School, Civil Hospital and Veterinary Hospital for the needy and deprived. The infrastructure of these institutes was constructed and handed over to the Govt. for efficient functioning.

Mahila Art and Craft Charitable Institute

A vocational training institute, was set up especially for encouraging income generating ability of the rural under privileged women. It is located at Chikabidarkallu Village, Bangalore Rural District and runs over 10 training programmes covering tailoring, embroidery, Typing, Tie & Dye, beautician & computer courses etc. A stipend of Rs. 250/- and Rs. 100/- per month is paid to each student, enrolled for the tailoring and embroidery courses. MACCI is also running a scheme for providing sewing machine to deserving women/girls.  50% of the cost of the machine is borne by MACCI. In very deserving cases, whrere the beneficiary is very poor and is not able to arrange the amount, the entire cost of the sewing machine is borne by MACCI.

Donations to about 500 charitable organizations round the year

In order to catalyze social upliftment and to encourage other organization involved in charitable activities. The foundation has been continuously encouraging them by way of giving regular donations nearly 500 charitable organizations across the country are being given donations annually. Over the last four years, the foundation has spent on an average of Rs. 2.50 Crores every year for supporting the work of such charitable institutions.

Mobile Clinics

Six mobile clinics (vans) covering nearly 120 surrounding villages in rural Bangalore in a week provide free treatments on an average to 1000 patients per day. Among these mobile vans, one for dental and one for eye are exclusively meant for providing relief/treatment to patients suffering from dental and eye problems. These dedicated vans are fitted with required diagnostic equipments etc.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Jindal Aluminium Limited

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Rural Development Projects

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