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Shikshaantra- Remedial Education


Organization : KHUSHII


Location : Haryana


Project Description

Our Remedial Education is an instructional program designed for students who have identified deficiencies in reading, writing, and math. These children are primarily enrolled in Govt schools which are infested with infrastructural and instructional problems. This program provides individualized basic skills that assist students to achieve expected competencies in core academics. A multi-pronged implementation strategy has been adopted by Khushii to reach out to and impact maximum number of children in the rural as well as urban pockets with 'quality education' through technology.

Shikshaantra is like a second home to the children who come here after spending their formal school hours at the respective government schools. At Shikshaantra, we try to fill every learning gap. The overall development of the students, in terms of health, social engagement and healthy nourishment is taken care of through health and immunization camps, counselling and proper nutrition via mid day meals.

The objectives of the projects are as follows:

  • To provide supportive education through remedial classes.
  • To help in providing a comfortable home environment for the child by extending necessary support, guidance or rehabilitation to the family.
  • To integrate the drop out children into mainstream schooling.
  • To regenerate the lost interest of these children in studies.
  • To help each child attain his/her holistic development (academic, life skills, health care and livelihood)
  • To create awareness about education and social issues in the community.

Our program follows two key levers to reform the systems:

  1. Educators – Merit based Selection, training and continuing profession development of teachers and principals.
  2. EdTech- Integration of technology as an enabler to bridge the learning gap, achieve efficiency and scale up innovative practices.

Right education with right opportunities at the right time is the focus of this project. We help a student identify his potentials and link him with opportunities.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

IGL, Sandhar, Amway

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