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Skill Development in Rural area


Organization : ISDA (Infrastructure Skill Development Academy)


Location : Haryana


Project Description

The Project is to skill the underprivileged and unemployed youths of the rural India to find employment as an Electrician, Plumber and Carpenter and also skill them in Supervisory Level in the trades of, Electrician, General Work Supervisor in Construction and Automobile Assistant Technician. It is an effective approach to develop sustainable livelihood towards upliftment of their socio-economic status and self-sustaining. It focuses and contributes in multi development aspects of sustainability, which includes Empowerment and Engagement of community and Job Oriented Skills Enhancement leading to social economic development of the targeted community.


Adopting community participation (target group) approach, the project endeavors to create “Sustainable Livelihood” with vibrant and economic upliftment of target group. The deliverables and outcomes of the project are tangible and measurable. The project not only aligns core business of MSC Agency (I) Pvt. Ltd and Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 but also reckons local relevance for equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • To empower youth and community members, active participation and provide livelihood opportunities through skill enhancement.

  • To establish effective networking with various technical and industrial firms.

  • To strengthen the operational functionality of Skill Development training of MSC training centre.

  • To create opportunities for all to acquire Skill throughout life, and especially for youth and disadvantaged groups.

  • To develop high quality skilled workforce and entrepreneurs


Project Donors and Partners

MSC Agency Pvt. Ltd

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