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Improving Living Conditions


Organization : JSW Foundation


Location : Himachal Pradesh,Karnataka,Maharashtra


Project Description

At the foundation, foundation aims to provide quality health care services and nutrition to the women and children in their area of operation. This is achieved through

  • Up gradation of Public Health Delivery systems, strengthening of Village Health Committees and training of ASHAs to ensure early registration and institutional deliveries. Anaemia which is recognized as a singular cause for complications is treated through iron supplementation through tablets, spirulina and iron sucrose.
  • Addressing Malnutrition through GPS enabled live tracking of every child under the age of six to determine their nutritional status and take accurate and relevant health decisions based on the MIS. In addition to this tracking, nutrition supplementation in the form of complementary and fortified meals and spirulina (a derivative of algae, popularly known as miracle food) are also provided to children under age of six years, lactating and pregnant women. Supplemental meals are also provided to school going children and adolescents through the mid-day meal scheme.
  • Additional health programs that assist people through financial assistance and technical assistance to deal with paediatric hole in the heart, paediatric club foot, cancer and cataract.
  • Increased agricultural productivity to sustain nutrition status of the community through increasing farm yield through scientific inputs and multi cropping. This has led to an increased availability of nutritious food in addition to increase in income which can be spent on health and education


  • Growth monitoring of 50000+ children through mobile phone based application is enabling digital compilation of data
  • 25000+ children (under the age of 6 years) and lactating mothers are administered the intake of Spirulina
  • 8500+ pregnant women tracked for prenatal care while facilitated 2000+ free institutional deliveries at Sangeevani Hospital at Vijayanagar, Ballari district, Karnataka
  • 16000+ hectares of land benefitting from improved crop practices through soil and moisture conservation
  • Health care outreach is reaching out to more than 2 lac people
  • 33 PHCs and 93 Sub Centres upgraded to meet IPHS standards
  • 35000+ children/women provided nutrition support

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

JSW Steels Limited, JSW Holdings Limited, JSW Energy Limited

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