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Career Counselling and Mentoring


Organization : Globalize Skills Foundation (GSF NGO)


Location : Jammu and Kashmir


Project Description

GSF NGO, supported with counseling & mentoring support to 100 children studying in Government schools / Municipal schools in Kashmir. Under this programme, GSF NGO provided career counseling and mentoring to 100 bright students studying in high schools and institutions of Kashmir, its flagship program. GSF NGO created awareness of the programme amongst the students with mobilization activity. Motivated them to pursue education by counseling and generating interest amongst the students with the help of technology.Leaders, employees, volunteers from various corporate shared their career journey, industry insights which motivated students to pursue higher education and build a successful career for themselves.Soft skill sessions helped in developing their personality and improving their skill set.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • The project helped in enhancing holistic development which is needed at this age
  • Helped in giving holistic education which is needed for them to reduce the dropout rate
  • The project established the importance of education without interruption, which is necessary for sustainable livelihood
  • The project provides counseling support to aspiring students to pursue ‘Higher Education
  • Created awareness of the varied work, career, skilling, and livelihood through a single platform 
  • Enabled aspirants to choose dream careers for professional success.

Project Donors and Partners

Skhawat Trust Institute Kashmir

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