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Delivery of Community Level Intervention of Tejaswini Project in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand”


Organization : Srijan Foundation


Location : Jharkhand


Project Description

The Jharkhand Women Development Society under Govt. of Jharkhand with the support of World Bank has taken initiative to implement Tejaswini Project for Adolescent and Young women (AGYW) to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services in the state.

The Tejaswini project aims for socio-economic empowerment of Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) in the age group of 14-24 years within the project districts. Its objective to create an enabling environment where adolescent girls are able to fully realize their rights and entitlements, navigate challenges and access opportunities. It is further to Promote education and economic opportunities for adolescents’ girls by helping them to complete secondary education and providing them vocational training /self-employment opportunities.

Srijan Foundation as Community service provider is working towards attaining the milestones like-

  • Baseline survey to map out the status of AGYW in the district.
  • Establishing Tejaswini Kendra at cluster level
  • Facilitation of AGYW for formation of Tejaswini Club
  • Operating Tejaswini club level activities for AGYW
  • Delivery of life skills education, and other support services to AGYW
  • Support institutional service providers in enrolling AGYW in business or vocational skills training and non-formal education courses

The community-level intervention under the project is focused on the inclusion of AGYW from the most marginalized and vulnerable population towards the wider range of choices and opportunities in the socio-economic spheres so that they can improve their own well-being as well as of their families. There are 75 Tejaswini Kentra and 597 Tejaswini Clubs in all the 6 blocks of the Ramgarh district covering 138 Panchayats, 362 Villages. Currently, we have registered 59395 AGYW in the Tejaswini Clubs, whereas 52749 inducted and enrolled. 43396 AGYW trained on Resilience and soft Skills and 20061 trained on Health and Nutrition under Life Skills training Curriculum.


Project Type : Government


Special Features of Project

  • Regular activities i.e. Game, Sports, Rangoli, Educational activities
  • Recreational activities
  • Life skills Training: Resilience and Soft Skills, Rights and Protection, Health and Nutrition and Financial Literacy
  • Secondary Education (Bridge Education): Informal and formal
  • Skill Development training: Professional and Business Skills
  • Increasing the literacy rate, decrease in Mother & Infant mortality rate, the abolition of child marriage system, and elimination of female foeticide so that it could strengthen the society.

Project Donors and Partners

Government of Jharkhand (World Bank Aided)

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