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Educating the women farmers for better livelihood opportunities and better income generation


Organization : Srijan Foundation


Location : Jharkhand


Project Description

Women work for as long as 14-18 hours on an average daily and expend more total energy a day as compared to men women’s contribution in agriculture and allied activities yet their work continues to be unrecognized. With this backdrop, we are implementing the project in 2 districts (Hazaribagh & West Singhbhum) of Jharkhand state encompassing 4 blocks and 100 villages. Our core beneficiaries are 5000 women farmers coming from the poorest of the poor families through the collectivization process.  

The aim of the project is to promote women farmers and capacitate them on various sustainable, efficient and organic models of agriculture to increase farm production and ensure household-level food security through better income and livelihood opportunities throughout the year. 
The project is focused towards the direct benefit of the women farmers by giving them enough scope to learn, practice and replicate the same for their own will being and equally for the community.  It also focuses on community-based institution building, ensuring food security, reducing women drudgery, developing alternative means of employment options for women, providing regular training and exposure besides creating scope to negotiate and participate for their own development through participation in mainstream developmental aspects. The project strategies are :

  • Community-based institutional building and strengthening
  • Cadre Building at the grassroots (Community Resource Person / Pashu Sakhi-Para Professionals)
  • Strengthening multiple livelihood sources through agriculture model promotion and allied ativities
  • Promoting Organic farming and allied activities practices



Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM)- Non-Pesticide Management (NPM) Shop in villages to popularize the organic medicines for agriculture.
  • Potato Storage (low-cost structure) at the household level.
  • Families having small landholding to ensure round the year food availability  (a) Nutritional Kitchen garden (b) Sack farming (c) Machan Farming (d) Banana Plantation (e) Vermin wash
  • Community-based Seed bank/ seed reserve at village level with Village Organization
  • Community farming and community nursery 
  • Introduction of women drudgery reduction techniques:(a) Drum seeder, maize-sheller, cono-weeder, dryland-weeder etc for agriculture sector (b) Goat Machan for rest, Chara Stand, herbal deworming for goat rearing families (c) Back yard poultry shed for families rearing poultry and their vaccination
  • Farm Field School developed as training cum learning unit where different sustainable models are being promoted as showcase for others to learn and practice in their own fields.
  • Linking small & marginal farmers with MGNREGA 100 days employment and other government departments such as Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) etc.
  • Use of Fallow land for developing agriculture models towards soil health management and water harvesting

Project Donors and Partners

HCL Foundation

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