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Violence Against Women


Organization : Jana Urban Foundation


Location : Karnataka,Madhya Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

Project Description

Addressing violence against women for 1200 women and 400 adolescent girls in 40 slums areas of Gwalior. This year the project will also aim to sensitize 400 youth and men.


  • The project has significantly contributed in enabling 1600 women and girls understand the issue of VAW in the two year time period of the project.
  • Over 650 cases of VAW have been identified in the 40 slum areas ranging from domestic violence and sexual harassment to disputes and dowry. These cases have been referred to the legal expert of Sambhaav for advance support.
  • Certain hidden groups of human trafficking have been identified in two of the slum areas such as Awadpura and Khajanchi baba.
  • Through interface meetings 62 cases of child marriage have been acted upon
  • Women groups wrote to the commissioner of Municipal Corporation for construction of household toilets and this was responded by the UADD for immediate action
  • 400 women have approached the women helpline 1091 for support, and the support has been extended in the form of legal action or counselling on the spot.
  • 200 men and youth from the same slums are also being sensitized for the multi-directional approach towards reduction of violence against women
  • Information and knowledge of the national flagship efforts such as police helpline. Women helpline and child helpline are being used as effective tools to report and initiate action against VAW.
  • Through the interface meetings 15 cases of garbage disposal, 10 of drinking water, 17 of street lights, 5 of community toilets and 10 of drains have been initiated and acted upon.
  • 200 women are now part of Self Help Groups and are financially linked to banks through Sambhav’s network.

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Sambhav Social Service Organization

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