Economic and Social Freedom for 60 Women living in slums of Bangaluru and Jaipur-Karnataka,Rajasthan- CSR Projects India

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Economic and Social Freedom for 60 Women living in slums of Bangaluru and Jaipur


Organization : Action Aid India


Location : Karnataka,Rajasthan


Project Description

The Project aimed to empower young women from vulnerable communities to break socio-economic barriers through vocational skill training - driving and strengthen their livelihood prospects. This project was part of a larger programme aimed supporting young women to breach gender stereotypes through vocational skills training and act as social change agents.  ActionAid Association, with support from DXC Technology, trained 30 women from Jaipur, Rajasthan, in driving cars, in partnership with Maruti Driving School, Jaipur. The course not only included driving classes but also training in self-defence, life-skills and leadership. A certification programme to felicitate the trainees was also organized in Jaipur. The programme provided a platform to these women to share their experiences, their challenges, their learnings and their dreams with each other. Representatives from several placement agencies, including Sakha and Uber, as well as from the relevant government departments were present at this meeting too. A similar initiative was also conducted in Bengaluru with support from DXC Technology. To train 30 women in cab-driving 


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • 60 vulnerable community women learn how to drive cars for the first time (30 each from Bengaluru (Karnataka) and Jaipur (Rajasthan)). Once trained the women got onto the road as professional drivers.
  • The training not only included driving classes but also trained women in self defence, spoken English, legal education, life skills and leadership building.
  • The Empoyees of DXC technology also played an active role by mentoring these trainees.

Project Donors and Partners

DXC Technology

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