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Organization : GRAMA


Location : Karnataka


Project Description

Project Gramodyog visions to Make every rural household a production unit and every rural women self-reliant; Make women financially independent by providing livelihood at their doorstep. The mission is to set up production hub for women in rural areas and Start with standard product like Petticoat, scale up production, build a brand name for GRAMA and then expand the product line. GRAMA is the main stakeholder that will act as a link between the women from SHG and Potential Customers who will buy products made under GRAMA-Udyog. It will train women, procure and distribute material and collect finished products from women in SHGs and will market the said products under it’s brand name and will sell the same through sales and marketing efforts.


This Project is Following a 5 Year strategy:


Year 1: Conducting Survey, Launching pilot program in few SHGs for production of Petticoat and introducing GRAMA as a brand that sells products attached with social needs.

Year 2: Scale up petticoat production to other SHGs after removing recognized lags, Also pushing marketing efforts to ensure profitability of the set production hub and Contributing effort to build on GRAMA brand name.

Year 3: Recognizing women with potential an teaching them new products to increase the product portfolio and Uberization of production based on demand.

Year 4: Scaling up new products introduced in earlier years like Door Mats, Onion Powder to sell online and Going Global by setting up production hub for products like hospital gowns, onion flakes etc. that can be exported

Year 5: Setting up formal centers in villages to ensure quicker cycle time of products. Continuous training and monitoring to continue scaling up the operations and sale of GRAMA products.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Making rural women productive
  • Visible income through engaging in gainful self employment
  • Working from the comfort of their homes
  • Product specific skill development and upgradation
  • Creation of production hub in specified geographic area
  • Providing Market support - Digital and Traditional
  • Mainstreaming with national and international markets
  • Creating environment to engage volunteers and organizations for bigger outreach

Project Donors and Partners


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