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Nurturing Aspirations Through Education


Organization : Anahata United Efforts Foundation


Location : Karnataka


Project Description

‘Mission Students to Professionals' is our flagship program. This program has been developed for children of Classes 8, 9 and 10. We believe each child has potential, especially children from lower income families who are also street smart and more hungry for opportunities. At United Efforts we follow a methodical 3 PHASE APPROACH  to aid children and assist them to identify interest areas and harvest their potential no matter what their background is.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • We have honed ‘Mission Students to Professionals’ over the last 4 years in our Action Lab schools, to make it more meaningful, relatable and actionable for them. We believe that the program's impact lies in the students perceiving and imbibing benefit from it.
  • The program unfolds over 3 years, keeping pace with the knowledge and emotional development of the students.
  • Industry Awareness ( 100 hours) : To begin with, the students explore and discover 18 industries and work sectors through  50 hours of immersive classes spread over 2 years. The industry awareness program brings the class  alive with audio visual presentations, interactive facilitation and a  bilingual easy to use workbook.
  • They also experience the work sector hands on through over 50 hours of industry visits and talk sessions with industry experts.
  • Agency Building (15 hours): Following this discovery, the students practice problem solving,and decision making through a 15 hour application based classroom program. The focus of this problem is I build me-to empower them to identify and fight their problems, themselves.
  • However, they do need the support of their parents in this journey. The community engagement program is designed to create a path for the parents to understand and support the student's aspirations. This is run parallel to the classroom program, outside school hours, so that the students are supported on both sides- home and school. 
  • Career Planning: With information and motivation on their side, the students participate in the career planning workshop which helps them to consolidate their learning and arrive at a self developed career roadmap. As this process is self driven by students, their level of commitment is high
  • The students commit to their choice, but there will be many other pressures on them. To facilitate and ease their journey towards the commitment, the students are added to alumni groups, where they are supported with scholarship and employment information.



Project Donors and Partners

FNF India Private Limited. LKQ India Private Limited and DXC Technology

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