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Positive Youth Engagement & Development


Organization : Vidya Poshak


Location : Karnataka


Project Description

Positive Youth Engagement & Development (PYED) is both a philosophy and an approach to adolescent development. PYED engages youth along with their families, communities so that youth are empowered to reach their full potential.

Our Youth Center’s works closely with Youth to build skills, assets and competencies; foster healthy relationships; strengthen the environment; and transform systems through.

  1. Access to Resources – Academic Books, Ref books, Computers & Internet
  2. Positive Youth Engagement – Creating youth leaders
  3. Career Guidance & Counseling
  4. Values Education
  5. Interpersonal Skills (Social Skills)
  6. Skill Development Trainings

Access to Resources

Youth will be given free access to the Academic books & Reference books. Youths would be provided free monitored access to Computer and internet facility for learning activities. The youth would be provided details related to Competitive Exams, Higher Education Option, Education Loans, Interview alerts and Interview tips. The youth would be assisted and guided to apply for different Competitive exams, Bank Exams, Job openings etc.

Positive Youth Engagement – Developing Young Leaders

Development of Young Leaders is an intentional process.  All youth have the capacity for positive growth and development. Our program & engagement enables youth to thrive and flourish and prepares them for being Natural Leaders and benefitting our Nation as a whole.

Positive Youth Engagement involves youth as active agents. We instill leadership qualities in youth. We believe Youth are not required to lead. Youth can attend, actively participate, contribute, and /or lead through activities benefiting the community.

  • Youth are encouraged to participate in solving the social issues among their local community. 
  • Youth are made active in civic involvement and civic engagement. Youth contribute to broader communities through service.
  • Youth are involved and engaged in every element of the community — schools, homes, community members, and others.

Positive Youth Engagement & Development is an investment that we make for a better community.

Career Guidance & Counseling

Career guidance includes a wide variety of professional activities to deal with career-related challenges the Youth face. Our Career counselors work with adolescent youth seeking to explore career options

  • Identifying career options based on the interest of the youth
  • Ability to plan ahead (Goal Setting)
  • Positive Beliefs about future
  • Perseverance

Values Education

This module provides an opportunity to know & understand the importance of human values and attitudes in shaping the future. The values and attitudes we live by affect how we relate to other people and to all our activities in the environment, and so are a major influence on our prospects for achieving a sustainable future.


  • To reflect on your futures awareness, commitment and actions
  • To enable youth to plan and harmonize their thoughts-actions-goals.
  • To make the Youths aware and convinced of the higher dimensions of education, work and life. 
  • To help youth establish self-development practices to develop powers of mind, fearlessness to walk the critical path towards the highest perfection and happiness.
  • To develop skills for using values clarification and values analysis in teaching.

Interpersonal Skills (Social)

Interpersonal skills relate to a person’s “EQ” (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). This is the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterise relationships with other people


  • Self Confidence
  • Positive Attitude
  • Team Player
  • Coping with Pressure
  • Time Management
  • Flexibility
  • Strong Ethics

Skill Development Trainings

The environment where the rural students were born and brought up is not making them confident to face the tough job requirements or the hardships in life.  Students, particularly those from rural don’t have awareness or access to technology and current trends in the industry.

The Unique curriculum design ensures holistic development of skills and attitudes in the youth.  Keeping in mind that English is a communication tool, spoken and functional English component is embedded in every module.  The goal of the curriculum is to build confidence in students such that they have requisite knowledge start a career in corporate sector or Government sector.

Unique Features

  • Activity based learning sessions
  • Constant updating and restructuring of the curriculum to meet changing industry demands.
  • Expert lead works shops
  • Offline training & resources using mobile & internet technology
  • Organizational & Leadership skills modules to help students develop organizational & leadership skills, a key component in their career. 

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Life Skills
  • English Language Improvement
  • Aptitude/Analytical Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Resume Preparation
  • Group Discussion

Finally, the spirit of Vidya Poshak’s philosophy of holistic empowerment is simply being there for the students. If the students need guidance, counseling or simply someone to call, Vidya Poshak team has taken up the role. In short, Vidya Poshak acts as a surrogate or extended family for the needs of the students.


Following is the cost for one Youth Center for one year




No of Beneficiaries


Books & Periodicals




Computers & Internet Expense




Youth Social Engagement Program




Career Guidance & Counseling




Skill Trainings








Effective Cost per student


Testimonial from our Scholar - AnilKumar – Scientific Officer @ BARC 

The unique feature of Vidya Poshak is that it is community driven. More than 500 volunteers provide their free services involving in all activities of Vidya Poshak. In the past 5 years more than 24,000 house visit of students has been done by travelling more than a lakh kilometer across several thousands of villages in Karnataka.

Team Vidya Poshak has fifteen years of experience working with youth and handling youth related issues across Karnataka. The Management Team comprises highly motivated individuals who anchor the organization relentlessly. The team includes leaders in the field of Education & Training, Cross domain experts, Technology experts, Banking & Finance experts, Youth Counselors etc.

Vidya Poshak is one of the few Voluntary Organizations which is Assessed & Graded by CRISIL as “Strong Delivery Capability”

Vidya Poshak is the Winner 2016 Spirit of Humanities awardfor Excellence in Education Sector, Winner of 2013 eNGO award in South Asia for Organizational Efficiency


Project Type : Crowd-funded


Project Donors and Partners

Individual Donors, LetzDream Foundation, GlobalGiving

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