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Supporting to Day Care Centres


Organization : Jana Urban Foundation


Location : Karnataka


Project Description

Project Description

Provision of 6 day care centres and 2 tution centres for 155 children of rag pickers in Bangalore.

Impact of Project

  • 54 children aged 6 years were referred to formal schools in June 2016.
  • Through the health checkups which were carried out once every three months, Polio Vaccinations were provided to all the children/
  • 1000 children below 6 years were provided basic education through the project
  • The two tution centres supported 55 school going children in their academic growth.
  • 3 children received the benefits of the Right to Education Act as a result of which they got access to free education for the academic year from the Government
  • Malnourished children were able to get access to better quality food
  • Reduced incidents of child labour in the slum areas as a result of the children attending the crèches everyday
  • Health seeking behaviour has been observed within the communities.
  • The attitude towards saving among parents can be observed. Which will eventually lead to improved standards of living families.

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

GRACE (Grass Root Action on Community Empowerment)

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