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Women Empowerment Programme


Organization : Sitaram Jindal Foundation


Location : Karnataka


Project Description

Women Empowerment Program

The Foundation as an NGO for women empowerment in Bangalore has been encouraging women by giving those scholarships, establishing degree colleges for women, teaching vocational courses etc. In Indian scenario, it is important that women are liberated from their traditional inhibition and taboos imposed on them and play a pivotal role in a growth of the family and society. It would not be wrong to say that if the women in our country are educated and promoted they would catalyze the social growth in our country.

Recognizing the high cost of higher education and the need for providing opportunity to the bright little minds passing out of 10th Standard who are mostly from the nearby villages, Foundation has established the Jindal Pre-University College (JPUC) in 2003 offering quality higher secondary education in 1st and 2nd Pre-University courses to around 400 students in a year. JPUC right from the academic year 2003-04 has focused on the sole object of imparting value based quality education to the rural poor. SJF has established many such institutions as an NGO for education; read on to learn more.

Foundation has established Jindal Degree College for Women, purely for girls wherein at present students for degree courses in B.Com and BCA are admitted. The college aims at imparting value based quality education so that the rural students can build a career for themselves.

The Mahila Arts & Crafts Charitable Institute (MACCI) established as part of women NGOs in Bangalore is conducting vocational courses for women in rural areas. The institution imparts vocational training to underprivileged women from surrounding villages in tailoring, embroidery, typing, beautician, English speaking, Tie & die, block printing and computer courses so that they can take up a vocation and earn a livelihood. Nearly 400 women/girls avail these facilities every year. Tailoring, typing, shorthand and computer courses are taught free of cost to the candidates who cannot pursue further studies. A stipend of Rs.250/- and Rs. 100/- per month is paid to each student, enrolled for the tailoring and embroidery courses.

MACCI is also running a scheme for providing sewing machines to deserving women/girls. 50% of the cost of the machine is borne by MACCI. In very deserving cases, where the beneficiary is very poor and is not able to arrange the amount, the entire cost of the sewing machine is borne by MACCI. With these activities, The Foundation which is a charitable trust in Bangalore endeavours to empower women so that they can get quality education, vocational skills and eke out an independent livelihood for themselves and members of their family.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Jindal Aluminium Limited

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