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Organization : Caritas India


Location : Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra


Project Description

An Integrated Food and Nutrition Security for the Korku tribe is developed and implemented as a response to the serious hunger and malnutrition condition prevailing among the Korku communities in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. ‘SABAL’ is implemented in 93 villages, predominantly inhabited by Korkus, in Khalwa block of Khandwa district and Chikaldhara block of Amravati district. SABAL is implemented in partnership with 3 grassroots level NGOs i.e., SpandanSamajSevaSanstha (SSSS), Khandwa Diocesan Social Services (KDSS) and Jeevan VikasSanstha (JVS). The first two NGOs work in Khalwa block whereas JVS works in Chikaldhara block. During the five-year project, SABAL will strive to achieve food and nutrition security for 16,000 Korku households which are largely landless, small or marginal land holding and migrating regularly for wage labour.

The outcomes of the programme relate to diversification and strengthening food crop production,  improving productivity of food crops, achieving protein sufficiency , functionalising public systems and,  initiating people’s networks and alliances for advocacy on hunger and malnutrition of Korkus.


Special Features of the Project

SABAL will endeavour to address the malnutrition and hunger of Korkus holistically by making interventions at multiple points. Thus, SABAL as an integrated intervention is designed as a community-based response to the severe hunger and malnutrition that prevail among Korkus. The four objectives of the programme are the following;

  • For 8000 Korku households in the Khalwa block of Khandwa District (Madhya Pradesh) and in the Melghat block of Amravati district (Maharashtra) food security is enhanced and a diversification in food production and intake has taken place.
  • 6000 Korku households are aware of the nutrition value of protein and have achieved protein self-sufficiency
  • Korku communities, especially women and children, will have access to institutional nutritional offices and schemes
  • Nutrition care and support institutions as well as local governance systems are made more responsive and accountable with the initiatives of Korku collectives and advocacy.

Project Type : Others


Project Donors and Partners

Caritas Germany

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