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Chief Minister’s CM Rise


Organization : Peepul


Location : Madhya Pradesh


Project Description

Chief Minister’s CM Rise is a flagship programme conceptualized and led by Peepul, with the Government of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, reimagining and strengthening the government school system, through holistic teacher professional development of the 320,000+ teachers across the 110,000+ government schools of the state, impacting 95+ Lakh students in the state. It was launched by the Government of Madhya Pradesh on 1st May 2020.

The programme takes a concerted approach, to evolve systems to equip teachers and officials with the skills needed to navigate the post-COVID world and deliver teaching-learning, leveraging blended training, professional learning communities, mentoring and monitoring to provide need-based and contextual support to them.

An exemplar Public Private Partnership, the programme brings together state and national government bodies, private organizations, non-profits and international foundations to enable impact. This includes the Department of School Education, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, DIKSHA – the national teacher learning platform of the National Ministry of Human Resource Development, the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

CM Rise aims to reform the wider government-led teacher training ecosystem to build the teacher’s resilience & capability to respond to the crisis, in the process inculcating the culture of lifelong learning for teachers as a function of the education system. It further builds the digital teacher training ecosystem in the state. We look to:

  • Equip teachers and education officials with the skills and knowledge required to support children effectively through this COVID crisis
  • Create an ecosystem of continued development for teachers, that is personalized, need-based and supports societal and academic goals; building an aware, capable and resilient teacher workforce for the future


Some salient features of the learning modules that are part of the CM Rise program:

Content: Bite-sized, practical, modular training courses created on high-value and relevant topics (ex. role of a teacher, helping children make sense of the COVID pandemic, psychosocial support to children, teaching digitally), which take best practices of ‘real-world’ trainings.

Dissemination: Using a structured dissemination channel, on commonly used & easily accessible media (e.g. WhatsApp) to reach all the 270,000 teachers across the state with a toll-free helpline for Q&A to provide immediate support to teachers.

Technology platform: Leverages existing government IT platforms like Diksha, to host the training courses with Open access to all teachers in alignment with the government’s strategy for quick replication.

Impact Measurement: Conducting periodic pre- and post-tests to determine absorption of content, as well as in-built course assessment.


Project Type : Others


Special Features of Project

  • Exemplar Public-Private Partnership – The project is an epitome of the power of co-creation. It exhibits how public-private partnerships can create ripple effects and prove to be a game-changer to solve complex issues through a systemic approach.
  • Immense Scalability & Reach– This project is impacting 320,000+ teachers and 10,000+ academic officials directly across the whole state of Madhya Pradesh, allowing us to impact even the remotest regions of the state and make access to quality education realistic for all.
  • Replicability– The integrated nature of the project, being embedded in the government set-up and leveraging national technological platforms like DIKSHA paves the way for easy replication to all the other states (esp. Hindi-speaking) in India.
  • Sustainable– The project is embedded in the existing government systems and aims to strengthen it. The program is co-created with the state and in partnership with different government bodies like NIC, SCERT etc. The embedded nature of the project and its systemic approach, with a clear vision for transition, makes it sustainable.
  • Holistic approach – Through this, we are working on integrating all teacher development efforts (learning communities, in-school support) within one unified framework. It moves the teacher development efforts from being siloed to being holistic and building upon each oth

Project Donors and Partners

Fidelity, OMIDYAR, DRK foundation, MHRD, Dept of school Education Govt of MP, NIC

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