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Ramakrishna Mission CBSE, Ramakrishna Puri Thatipur Gwalior.


Organization : Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama


Location : Madhya Pradesh


Project Description

We have two schools which are: Ramakrishna Mission (CBSE) & Ramakrishna Mission (MPBSE). Educational infrastructure viz class room furniture, school digitalization, general repair and maintenance, school campus painting, New class rooms, Sports, Dance, Music Rooms laboratories to be constructed with laboratory equipment for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, New Computer Labs, Atal Tinkering Lab as the number of students are increasing. The old electric wiring to be replaced, earthing, lightening arresters, fire fighting systems, generator 125 Kv are needed.
In Sharada Balgram Student Home we need help for recurring expenses, fooding and lodging, medical and general needs. The old electric wiring to be replaced, earthing, lightening arresters, fire fighting systems, are needed.
In Swami Vivekananda : Ayush Dispensary we need medicines on monthly basis, provision to arrange ocassional Ayurveda Awarness Camps on weekly basis. Recurring expenses & Procurement of machinery are to be met.
Rakhal Gir Gaushala (35 cows) provides us daily fresh milk for 150 inmates. The dry fodder, green fodder, nutrients, veterinary expenses, procurement of dairy machinery are to be sought for.
Swami Vivekananda Skill Development (Dairy based) Unit needs raw material, new machinery, recurring expenses.Swami Vivekananda Hydroponic Unit is used to develop inhouse green fodder. Maize Seeds are needed on monthly basis.
Roshni Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Gwalior is a rehabilitation center for cerebral palsy students. Recurring expenditure is needed.Swami Vivekananda Library used by students preparing for competitive exams. The Study Hall have to be refurnished.Sharada Naad Mandir caters Indian Musical education for the aspirant musicians. Infrastructure, procurement of the musical instruments, building face lift and recurring expense are requested.Over all maintenance of the Ashrama and Departments are needed.Rain water harvesting pits to be dug.Chanel Fencing for various gardens in the 50 acres campus.Drip Irrigation Systems to be laid in various garden sights.Solar Electric System to be installed.



Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Man Making, Character Building, Leadership Education.
  • School Digitalization.
  • Medical Services.
  • Providing quality lodging boarding to boys and girls students of weaker section. We do not charge any fee to them.
  • Animal Husbandry 
  • Addressing Climate Change, Sustainability, Water Conservation, and improving green cover.
  • Solar Electrification.

Project Donors and Partners

1. Tata Trusts, Mumbai. 2. RVNL Delhi. 3. Bramhos Delhi. 4. Infosys Bangalore. 5. NHIDC Ltd New Delhi. 6. Niti Ayog, New Delhi. 7. Brahmos Aerospace Pvt Ltd.

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