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HIV/AIDS Intervention


Organization : Avantha Foundation


Location : Maharashtra,Odisha


Project Description

Avantha Foundation is reaching out to people living with HIV through its Antiretroviral Therapy and Continuum of Care initiatives.

The Antiretroviral Therapy and Continuum of Care project by Avantha Foundation has changed the lives of thousands of people living with HIV.  Implemented in collaboration with the National AIDS Control Organization, this Public-Private Partnership model has successfully reached out to more than 3,300 people living with HIV in the Indian states of Odisha and Maharashtra.  Majority of the patients reached by the Foundation are poor and have limited access to resources. 

The project’s uniqueness lies in the holistic package of clinical and outreach services offered to patients.  In addition to counselling, antiretroviral drugs and treatment for opportunistic infections, the package offers innovative solutions for addressing patients’ special needs for home-based care, enhanced nutrition, improved hygiene and a host of other social and livelihood services as part of continuum of care.

Antiretroviral Therapy

Antiretroviral Therapy centers are run by the Foundation in partnership with the National AIDS Control Organization in Ballarpur, Maharashtra and Koraput, Odisha. These centers are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories conducting CD4 tests, haemogram and bio-chemistry analyses with the required accuracy and precision.

Adequate staff is positioned by the Foundation whose technical training and capacity development provided by the National AIDS Control Organization. These centers have reached out to people living with HIV in several remote villages of adjoining districts. 

Continuum of Care

People living with HIV and their families have emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs that change over time.  They often have to cope with the effects of stigma and discrimination, poverty, loss of employment, neglect and abandonment. 

The purpose of the Continuum of Care project is to address HIV as a chronic disease and develop systems that provide humane, effective, high quality, comprehensive and continuous care to people living with HIV and their families.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

National AIDS Control Organization

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