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Climate Smart Village Program


Organization : Krushi Vikas Va Gramin Prashikshan Sanstha


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

The organization is implementing CLIMATE SMART VILLAGE PROGRAM in Gadchirli District. The program is being implemented in 20 primary villages and 180 surrounding villages. The intervention involves Evaluation of Varieties, Manipulation of Agronomic practices, soil testing, water harvesting, shelter management or livestock, animal / poultry feed, vaccination, marketing and other intervention to promote livestock will also be promoted to enhance tribal livelihoods.

Special Features of this project

  • First Time in Annual Planning of KVK -First time in the history of Gadchoroli District, AHERI and Etapalli block are considered for Annual planning by KrushiVigyan Kendra.

  • Special Species of Charoli Seed - The project area has special type of “Charoli seed” hence research scientist from PUSA were invited to study the same. Research is ongoing.

  • Village Level Tribal Farmers Committee- Agri Extension - 20 village level tribal farmer committee formed for smooth implementation of project. Through these committee, the project has introduced agri mechanization first time in these extreme block.

  • New Crop and Rabbi Farming - Team KrushiVikas has introduced wheat and toor. The project undertook demonstration of wheat gram and paddy with 556 tribal farmers

Project Type : Government


Project Donors and Partners

Bourlouge Institute of South Asia and Tribal Deve. Department

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