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I–Mental Health Awareness for Communities and NGO’s


Organization : Mpower


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description


To conduct 300 sessions PAN India, and workshops in Mumbai & Bangalore. The project would directly impact around 32,000 primary stakeholders and the beneficiaries of various NGOs and communities which includes parents, teachers, students and adults across various age groups & locations. Through our comprehensive programs and workshops, the aim is to create self-aware students, parents, teachers and well aware communities who have the right knowledge and are able to develop the right attitudes of respect and tolerance towards mental health.


The project shall be executed in three steps viz,

  1.  Identification: Identification of communities and institutions who do not have the means to support their beneficiaries in terms of mental wellness. Understanding the exact requirement of the so identified community/institution
  2. Execution: Basis the need analysis, the subject matter expert shall deliver the webinar/workshop. The engagement can be a onetime engagement or a series of engagement to ensure maximum and long lasting impact. Of the 300 sessions, we intend to do 200 sessions with schools and 100 sessions across youth and NGOs.

  3. Reporting: Every webinar/workshop delivered shall be accounted for by making a report which shall cover the following - objectives, observations, no. of lives impacted, feedback from beneficiaries


Our team has curated specific topics to be delivered across various age groups, the glimpse of which is below;

  •  Mental Health 101 : It’s Okay to Seek Help
  • Creative Ways of Stress Management

  • Building Resilience

  • Being a Responsible Digital Citizen

  • Studying From Home

  • Substances : The True Story

  • Being Aware of your Mental Health

  • Dealing with Anxiety, Depression & Grief

  • Practising Self- Care

  • Social Media & Gaming

  • Work life balance

  • Early identification and implementation of interventions

  • Aggression and anger management

  • Mindfulness

  • Reflective teacher


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Clinical care: The Centre, The Foundation & Cells - Provides clinical services through a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach, through its intervention such as counselling, psychiatry and therapy to all individuals.
  • Movement: Large scale awareness drives that encourages acceptance, and help those suffering from mental illnesses. Initiatives such as Ride to Mpower (Annual cycle ride), World Suicide Prevention Day & World Mental Health Day, Mpower Music Fest and The Happy Place (A student-led mental health festival)
  • Outreach: The Outreach arm provides awareness webinars / workshops & seminars to schools, colleges, NGOs and corporates to provide information about mental health conditions.
  • Academia: Via Academia we seek to deliver academic training to remotely located mental health professionals, increase the workforce capacity and reduce care disciplines. This is an endeavor to help reduce the treatment gap.
  • Helpline: In order to deal with the mental health concerns arising out of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the BMC & Mpower 1 on 1, along with the Government of Maharashtra have started a toll-free, 24*7 helpline, that helps individuals sail through the lockdown by addressing their concerns.

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