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Macquarie and Magic Bus Adolescent to Livelihood programme


Organization : Magic Bus India Foundation


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

The Macquarie and Magic Bus partnership began in the year 2016. The goal of this partnership was to develop and implement a programme, improving the ability of young people to access stable, salaried jobs that allow for growth over a period of time. In its fourth year, this partnership has touched the lives of 1,900 adolescents and 750 young people in rural Bhiwandi, 36km from the city of Mumbai. 577 young people have been enrolled and 361 young people have been placed in jobs till March 2019 in sectors like Retail and Manufacturing, with starting salaries from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month – a first in their area since most of their parents still rely on agriculture as the chief source of income.

The programme has the following key components:

  • Life Skills Education to improve skills like teamwork, problem solving, managing self, learning to learn and communication to enable children and young people become more resilient and show higher self-efficacy in the face of destabilisers like child marriage.
  • Education Enhancement to improve basic literacy and numeracy among children and teacher training to improve education outcomes in schools
  • Community Connect to work with children’s ecosystem – parents, school teachers, local leaders, School Management Committees – to ensure communities come together to focus on and facilitate education, gender equity and livelihood skills attainment
  • Employability Skills Education to improve financial literacy, digital literacy, spoken English and career awareness that will help young people to get a job of their choice
  • Livelihood Connect to get sector-specific training based on young peoples’ interests as well as demand from employers in different sectors along with placement and post-placement support to help young people to stay with their jobs


Here are a few stories of the participants on the project:

Kadambari’s story: Leading by example  

Kadambari, a 19 year old girl, lives with his family in Dhabad village located 60km from the city of Mumbai. Like girls of her age, she has heard stories of the city life and yearns to be among those who go there just to fulfill their dreams. “I want to work there,” comes her swift reply.

Her father works as a stage decorator and is the only earning member of the family. His monthly salary is Rs. 10,000. Her mother is a home-maker.

Kadambari loves sports. And it is during one such game, that Sudarshan from Magic Bus spotted her. He was then in charge of mobilising young leaders to lead the Magic Bus sessions. He saw an infectious energy in the young girl. She was engrossed in her game with children much younger to her.

Kadambari eagerly signed up for the role. She went for a round of training to understand the curriculum and learn ways to interact and engage with children. In 2017, one year after she joined Magic Bus, she was judged the best Community Youth Leader (CYL) of her programme. Her parents watched and clapped fervently as she received her award.

“My first award as a leader in my community,” says a proud Kadambari.

She has completed her secondary education and is currently preparing for college. “Between now and college, I decided to take up a job at the local e-Seva Kendra to support my family,” she shares.


A bright and optimistic girl who aspires to have a career, Kadambari is an inspiration for all of us.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • The programme reaches out to of 1,900 adolescents and 750 young people in rural Bhiwandi, 36km from the city of Mumbai.
  • The objective of the programme is to develop and enhance the socio-emotional, life skills and employability skills of young people. We are currently in the fourth year of the programme and expect to impact the lives of 2,650 young people.

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