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Nagthana School Rejuvenation Project


Organization : Universal Versatile Society


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

The Zillah Parishad Prathamik Shala, Nagthana school is constrained by the absence of resources and burdened by the administrative tasks handled by a small staff of 5 teachers and a headmaster. The absence of amenities like a playground, books, organized interactive activities and a well-maintained infrastructure has deprived students of basic learning means. The building is breaking down and fails to provide the teachers and students a sense of pride, belonging, or ownership of teaching/studying in the school. This has resulted in poor education, reduced attendance, and a shift to schools in the city under the guise of receiving a better education. The children in the school majorly belong to the OBC category and belong to low socio-economic households as the families that could afford to send their children to nearby towns for education have done so. Sadly, the schools in towns extract exorbitant amounts from the parents under the pretense of providing 'English education. In the end, the families belonging to the village Nagthana suffer and so does the education of their children. Furthermore, there have been increased reports of road accidents involving children since they started traveling to towns for education.

The Zillah Parishad Prathamik Shala, Nagthana school is constrained by the absence of resources and burdened by the administrative tasks, absence of amenities like playground, books, organized interactive activities, school supplies, and a well-maintained infrastructure, which have deprived students of basic learning means. The vision is to improve the education system of the school through the re-development of the school infrastructure, resources, and practices with particular considerations of sustainability and current trends.

The project aims to inculcate a new sense of pride, motivation, and ownership in the teachers and students towards their school.

The project consists of 3 core objectives:

  • Infrastructure renovations – Building renovation, painting, installations of swings)
  • Digitalization (Wifi, Projector, computer, tabs)
  • Project-based learning through a teacher manual and interactive sessions

The project of rejuvenating the school premises aims to repair/refurbish the school building to give the teachers and students pride and ownership. Installation of basic amenities like playground equipment is aimed to create a fun, learning environment in the school. After infrastructure renovations, the project moves to the second phase of digitization where a computer, wifi, speakers, projector, and a printer will be supplied to the school along with training.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • The community of Nagthana is one of the major stakeholders and central to the implementation and sustainability of this project. It is through collaboration with the community that this project will encompass the vision of development and right to an education that they desire for future generations
  • Their initiative, passion, and drive for reforms is one the core drivers of this project and will ensure the reforms sustain after the completion of the project
  • After the implementation of the infrastructure objectives, the digitalization and project-based learning interventions will create a pedagogy of learning that will benefit the students and teachers alike
  • Project-based learning activities will be parallelly implemented along with infrastructure objectives. For example, a kitchen garden will be set up by groups of students as a project-based learning activity along with the teachers’ guidance and the community’s support. This will nurture a new generation of creative and innovative thinking that will prove to be revolutionary.

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