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Oxygen Cylinder


Organization : Cancer Aid and Research Foundation


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

Medical oxygen is an essential medicine in the treatment of COVID-19. During the first wave last year the requirement of oxygen was high but now as the second wave hit the country the requirement of oxygen cylinders raised at a rapid rate. Cancer Aid & Research Foundation (CARF) have been working for the well-being of cancer patients for the past 21 years and as the world is struggling because of Covid 19, CARF wanted to play its part in providing help to the people in need. With this initiative in mind, CARF in association with Unity and Dignity Foundation (UDF) and Kharghar Gurudwara provided oxygen cylinders to people in need. The right support is when the right help is provided to the people when in need. CARF alongwith UDF and Kharghar Gurudwara provided oxygen cylinders free of cost to the people in need. For supporting their country fight against Covid, CARF plans to organise many further activities for helping the people in need. CARF salutes the warriors who are striving hard to ensure the help is provided on time.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • CARF has been tirelessly working with best efforts in record time to distribute oxygen cylinders for the people in need.
  • In association with Gurudwara Kharghar and the due support from their team, CARF could meet the requirement of oxygen cylinders to the patients in need on right time and thus together it was possible to save many lives, which was struggling for oxygen to breathe
  • It was possible for them to organize these activities supporting the country, with their well-planned team work.

Project Donors and Partners

ITCO Industries Limited

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