Protection of national heritage, art and culture including restoration of buildings and sites of historical importance and works of art. -Maharashtra- CSR Projects India

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Protection of national heritage, art and culture including restoration of buildings and sites of historical importance and works of art.


Organization : Global Vipassana Foundation


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description


Strength Serviceability and hazard assessment of Pagoda considering build information and in situ material properties - Work allocated to NITK and VJTI   Work in progress. Structural Health Monitoring:

Protection of national heritage, art, and culture including restoration of buildings and sites of historical importance and works of art. Since this has been constructed with the age-old technique of especially uniquely cut stone masonry construction, the life of the pagoda will be about 2500 years like other heritage structures of stone masonry. As it is a very unique structure it requires Structural Health Monitoring Systems to monitor for abnormal activity due to external loads such as earthquake, extreme winds, etc., and changes due to seasonal rains, summer, and winter and conduct audits from time to time.

Dome Acoustics and Glass viewing gallery of the main Pagoda:


The instructions given during the meditation course get distorted due to the hollow structure of the Dome and acoustically it becomes difficult to understand the instructions during meditation. The daily meditation at the Pagoda caters to Vipassana Meditators who prefer clear and crisp voice instructions. The management has tried to resolve the problem and remains inadequately solved with the existing system hence efforts for improvement or replacement. All the visitors view the inside of the pagoda only through a glass viewing gallery and see the world's largest dome from inside and pay homage to relics. Over the years with the footfalls of over 20 lakhs; the structure has become outdated and without Acoustic insulation/ noise control or adequate lighting. The present structure is insufficient to provide noise control and sufficient lighting and protection to Pagoda. It requires improvised measures to facilitate visitors and to protect the interior of Pagoda and the heritage of Pagoda with relics.

Canopy internal works:


The canopy surrounding the Pagoda facilitates the all-weather movement of visitors and takes the benefit to learn Doha’s on the walls of Pagoda hence is an important part of Pagoda.  

The Canopy is an intrinsically Burmese design that is mounted on honey-combed design supports.  


As per the advice of experts, it requires to do waterproofing treatment from inside to increase the life of the structure to maintain the structure of Pagoda 

Repairs of Pagoda, Parikrama flooring:


Approx. 1.25 lakhs sq. ft. of Parikrama encircling the Pagoda witnesses heavy footfalls Parikrama area is open to the sky. It is exposed to all the weather that affects the stone flooring. Because of this, it has resulted in breakage and scaling of stones at some places. Replacement of broken stone layout and repairs of flooring will protect the pagoda and mishaps. 

Master Plan Design of layout for larger gatherings and surge in visitors to Pagoda (Plan for next 15 years growth.):


Infrastructural development related to the construction of connecting bridges from Manori, Borivali, and RORO services at Gorai will encourage visitors to come to Pagoda to get educated on Vipassana and undertake Anapana Meditation. We also expect larger international participation due to meditational tourism. We expect a huge surge of public visiting Pagoda. Master Plan for next 15-20 years of planning is required to decide the visitors flow management keeping in view of the expected 15 lakhs visitors per month.  


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Structural Health Monitoring & audit
  • Dome Acoustics & viewing gallery of the main Pagoda
  • Canopy internal works
  • Repairs of Parikrama
  • Master Plan Design

Project Donors and Partners

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