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Right to education


Organization : Aarine Foundation


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

Project - Right to education

Stationary distribution-  Aarine foundation distributed stationary to around 5000 poor and needy students in the Punjab, Kerla and Maharashtra. 5000+ students benefitted every year. 

Scholarship distribution- Scholarship for poor school students; grants for low-income students to complete their higher education. These scholarships are basically provided on both pre and post-matric level to improve the education level.  Education is the basic right of each child if he/she took birth in this life. We provide scholarship to poor students, children of single mothers and girls students to encourage their complete education. 100+ students every year. 

Tuitions- At Aarine foundation we provide children free tuitions those who cannot afford extra fees burden. 200+ students every year continuously. 


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Needy and poor students
  • Remote areas in Maharashtra. 
  • Drop out students. 
  • Quality education. 

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