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Road Safety


Organization : Safe Kids Foundation


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

Advancing reduction in unintentional Injuries to children, through education, awareness, advocacy, research and by bringing about environmental changes to places where children walk, play and live. Safe Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization working towards reducing unintentional injuries to children. The programs conducted by Safe Kids Foundation in the field of Road Safety are as given below:

Pedestrian Safety- All the aspects related to road infrastructure, signages, signals both pedestrian and passenger, safe walking, safe crossing, precautions during walking and crossing, distractions on the roads, precautions during monsoons, day and night, precautions while playing and where to play, use of reflective jackets, etc are covered to provide a comprehensive understanding from the pedestrian safety point of view.

Passenger Safety- All the aspects related to passenger safety like use of helmets, seatbelts, safety in an autorickshaw, safety in a bus, precautions while boarding a bus, safety during travel, safety while alighting, safety in a car, motorcycle, bicycle safety, precautions to be taken by passengers while travelling, etc are covered to provide a comprehensive understanding from the passenger safety point of view.

Teen Driver Safety- As part of their training to youth, all the aspects related to driving such as speeding, distractions while driving, underage driving, driving without valid license, tailgating, honking, drunken drive, driving stunts, etc. are covered to provide an understanding of the consequences and penalties in case of any accidents due to the topics mentioned above. Youths are sensitized to the repercussions of illegal and unsafe driving.

Trauma Care- As part of their training to youth and adults topics like golden hour, Good Samaritan Law, bystander care, basic life support, CPR, etc are conducted to provide a comprehensive understanding of these concepts, why they are important in road safety, what can a bystander do in case of a road accident and how Good Samaritan Law takes care of good Samaritans who help accident victims is explained at length. The program also ties up with local medical teams from renowned hospitals to provide training in basic life support and CPR.

Training of Trainers- Training of trainers in the above-mentioned topics is conducted to amplify the program reach in areas, where Safe Kids Foundation is not operational, thereby increasing the scope of program in new geographies. Corporate employee engagement and training is also an integral part of the program in creating master trainers and volunteering opportunities do conduct surverys and sessions.

National and Global Road Safety Week- As part of the national and global road safety week. Safe Kids Foundation undertakes activities such as awareness campaigns, awareness sessions, social media campaigns, podcasts, signature campaigns, cycle rallies, events in malls, events in schools. Competitions like essay writing, drawing, slogan writing, song writing on road safety, quizzes are conducted as part of the events. Local authorities are invited for events to support the cause.

Research/Studies- Research studies have been an integral part of their programs, studies have been conducted to assess the need for the program, to assess the school surroundings to create environmental changes to make school zone safe, study of the text books of Maharashtra State Text Book Bureau to recommend changes to the text books pertaining to road safety from grades 1st to 8th and studies to see the pre session and post session increase in knowledge and information about road safety, study to see the knowledge retainment after sessions is also conducted to understand the impact of the sessions and the safety of the children.

Methodology- All the programs conducted by Safe Kids Foundation are backed by research and are interactive in nature. The sessions are conducted with the help of power point presentations, demonstrations, short videos, discussions, debates, simulation exercises, questions and answers and quizzes. The programs are evaluated for impact and improved as per the feedback.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Virtual sessions using powerpoint presentation, short films, demonstrations and survey.
  • Questions and answers segment at the end of the session.
  • Competitions to reiforce the content taught in the sessions.
  • Training of trainers conducted to amplify the program
  • Leadership skills training to students from schools and colleges to amplify the program further in the schools.
  • Social media and advocacy campaigns in schools and colleges for environmental changes.

Project Donors and Partners

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