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Organization : Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra - AFARM


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

International Fund for Agriculture Development and Government of Maharashtra jointly financed Tejaswini programme in 33 districts of Maharashtra for SHG members, poor women and their households. In December 2011, Mahila Arathik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM) selected AFARM as Livelihood Resource Agency for Konkan and Pune Region for identifying, designing, implementing and monitoring livelihood initiatives considering environment conservation and women empowerment.

The program aims at facilitating and supporting poor women to choose and explore various economic, social and political opportunities leading the women to better future. The programme components are:

i) Grassroots Institution Building,

ii) Micro-Finance Services,

iii) Livelihoods and Enterprise Development,

iv) Women’s Empowerment and Social Equity.

Key Achievements:

1) Conducted Subsector study to

i) Identify appropriate subsectors in the selected districts,

ii) Identify relevant bottlenecks in livelihood promotion using a subsector approach,

iii) Develop intervention plan for Sustainable Livelihood Promotion.

2) Sub Sector Mapping Reports Prepared 3. AFARM has adopted following Process for subsector study.


Project Type : Government


Project Donors and Partners

International Fund for Agriculture Development, Government of Maharashtra

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