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Urban Nutrition Initiatives


Organization : Committed Communities Development Trust


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

Urban Nutrition Initiative (UNI), Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) has entered into a unique public-private partnership with TATA TRUST along with Rajmata Jijau Mother and Child Health and Nutrition Mission (RJMCHNM), to improve maternal and child health and nutrition in Maharashtra. UNI has strengthened the existing Government-run ICDS program in eight high-burden Urban ICDS projects across Maharashtra, in an effort to reduce malnutrition in these project areas. The program is based on the premise of 'optimal results with minimum resources' and over the last three years, has reached 27,942 children in the age group of 0-2 years, 10,048 pregnant women and 10,483 lactating mothers. UNI enabled government service providers such as Anganwadi workers to deliver better ICDS services through ongoing training, continuous hand holding and support provision. The program has strengthened 846 Anganwadi centers across Maharashtra and trained 1,514 Anganwadi workers.


Simultaneously, it has worked to build the community’s demand for ICDS services by enhancing community awareness of services offered through ICDS, as well as creating Mothers’ groups to monitor the quality of services delivered and ensure accountability of service providers. As India strives towards Sustainable Development Goal 2—ending all forms of malnutrition—a shared responsibility across all levels of government and sectors of society is required. It is only through such collaborative efforts that we as a country can deliver against national nutrition targets and ensure a well-nourished future of women and children.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Enhancing Maternal Health and Nutrition
  • Enhancing Demand Generation for ICDS Services
  • Home-Visits and Counseling for Child Rearing and Feeding
  • Trained Anganwadi workers to take accurate anthropometric measurements.

Project Donors and Partners

TATA Trust

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