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S.H.E. : Security Health Education


Organization : Indo Global Social Service Society


Location : Odisha


Project Description

Skill building and enterprise building training were given to enhance income generation options among the women and youth in the villages. 

Strong community based institutions are developed, such as people-led Water and Sanitation Committees, with increased skills and capacities to plan and manage their own development, in convergence with the government.

Following are the major achievements 

⦁ 510 households have access to and avail portable drinking water facility 

⦁ 510 household have practices safe drinking water and sanitation 

⦁ 48 community toilets are being used and maintained by the villagers

⦁ 300 women and adolescents girls have developed understanding on menstrual hygiene practices 

⦁ 150 women and adolescents girls are practicing menstrual hygiene 

⦁ 50 youth gained skills for income generation 

⦁ 50 women have gained skills for income generation 

⦁ 2 SHGs have their identified their IGA 

⦁ CBOs actively participating and taking action in WASH and SRHR awareness building 

⦁ Mega Cultural event/ events organized by CBOs

⦁ Road safety awareness initiated by CBOs

Special Features of the Project

  • Monthly meeting of Water and Sanitation Committees  conducted 
  • Pond cleaning and renovation for use in Alipur and Bergispentha village 
  • Training Sessions conducted on management and maintenance of community ponds
  • Awareness generation through participation at Gopalpur Beach Festival 
  • Community mobilized for greater participation in project activities through support in kind 
  • Formation and strengthening of Teen Clubs in the villages facilitated
  • Youth sensitized through training sessions on issues of Open Defecation, hand wash, health and hygiene practices 
  • Sensitization programmes organized at school on menstrual hygiene for young girls 
  • Sensitization program organized at community on menstrual hygiene for women members 
  • Important days celebrated in project villages as a means to generate awareness on safe drinking water and hygiene practices and elicit community participation 

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

United Spirits Limited - USL

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