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Hridya Saksham- Pediatric Echocardiography training of pediatricians




Location : Pan India


Project Description

Hridya Saksham-  Through this program, we are trying to reach out to State government partnership in training pediatricians with pediatric echocardiography skills in District Early Intervention Centers( DEIC) which would help in very early screening and diagnosis of any congenital heart defect and would speed up the treatment process. This is in collaboration with the RBSK schemme of government where no child should die of any congenital heart defect. 

At prsent we have only 250 peditaric cardiologists in our country and only 13-15 are getting trained every 3 years

We need one pediatric cardiologist for every district in India, this ill take a very long time, so the option which is adopted by many countries abroad is to upskill the pediatricians with chocardiography skill for early diagnosis


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • No one has thought about this project earlier, we are the oly organisation 
  • We have expertise in training doctors , have already trained 50 pediatricians from Urban areas 
  • The doctors who have been trained by our mentors can see the impact they are making on the children lives at thir individual area of work
  • Our training program is certified by NSDC ( National Skill Developing Corporation) 
  • We want to partner with corporates , government and PSUs
  • We have a unique module of training were the doctors do not ahve to take a leave of absence from the work area but can be trained within very stipulated time 

Project Donors and Partners

Child Heart Foundation, Individual donors, corporates, PSUs

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