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Large Scale Government School Teacher Training and Student Assessment


Organization :


Location : Pan India


Project Description

Large Scale Teacher Training

DEVI Sansthan in collaboration with Global Education and Training Institute (GETI) proposes training for government school teachers for their holistic professional development. The Large Scale Teacher Training Project aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal # 4: “Ensuring an inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.”The Project is guided by the vision that teachers and educators will have to be at the center of inclusive and quality education and an impactful teacher and educational environment can have a significant, lifelong impact on their students. This is not limited to the teaching of particular academic skills, but also in the inculcation of universal values and virtues. The training is in the online platform with both synchronous and asynchronous learning.


Training sessions are followed by classroom implementation where:

  • Teachers LEARN new skills; they also learn about useful tools and apps. They complete a short quiz and submit video evidence of their work immediately following training
  • Teachers TEACH in their classes using the new skills and apps. Beyond the training teachers get a handout that provides Visual summary of the concepts learned, Links and resources for classroom activities and suggestions for activities they can implement immediately. They are prompted to make their own activities and follow-on actions with their classes
  • Teachers SHARE what they have implemented by collecting evidence. Evidence is collected in physical and e-portfolios. Teachers learn the skills needed for these. Evidence includes photos, videos, audio bytes, samples of plans and student work, surveys, Tests, data and its analysis (such as progress made between pre and post-test)
  • Certificates are given jointly by GETI and the Council for Global Education, USA. In addition, for some of the collaborative training programs when held with other partners, also are also jointly given with them


Large Scale Student Assessment

DEVI Sansthan in collaboration with Target Plus proposes to implement Large Scale Assessment Project in government schools. The project offers government schools a powerful mobile phone-enabled software called ‘I versus I’ that is an instant diagnostic report generating system with appropriate remedial solutions that helps to pinpoint areas of improvement of students. The software offers the following to different stakeholders of the school:

  • For students: An interactive self-diagnostic report that helps students to identify areas of improvement and work towards the same
  • For teachers: Teachers work becomes more effective and time-efficient as teachers are able to identify and address individual student needs and also plan according to the classroom requirements quickly
  • For principals: A leadership tool that helps them take targeted and timely actions to improve school results
  • For School: It helps schools to improve their overall exam results

Project Type : Others


Special Features of Project

Special Features of Large Scale Teacher Training

  • High focus on classroom implementation and evaluation by the teacher for making improvements
  • Trainings include both synchronous and asynchronous learning and teachers can self-pace their learning
  • Certification is given jointly by GETI and the Council for Global Education, USA


Special Features of the Large Scale Student Assessment

  • Teachers can generate the report immediately after the assessment
  • No data entry of marks into the system is required by the teachers and they only need to scan the OMR sheet using mobile phone
  • Teachers can generate the report for MCQs and language both
  • Can be used by schools for all boards, languages, levels or grades

Project Donors and Partners

City International School, DEVI Sansthan, Individual Donors, Target Plus Education, Global Education and Training Institute, UP Government, Target Plus Education,Global Classroom

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