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Project Shakthi: Emerging from flood waters-sustainable livelihood of fishing community


Organization : CBM India Trust


Location : Pan India


Project Description

Kerala, God’s Own Country, is home to serene backwaters. The people who live along the backwaters have a unique relationship with it. For centuries, these backwaters have been their lifeline, and the only source of livelihood. The fish caught from its waters, the paddy, coconut and other crops harvested along its banks, the boats they build and use to transport them across the labyrinthine backwaters, are all an integral part of their traditional way of backwater village life. But the same water that breathed life into the land, became its foe in August, 2018, when series of torrential rains caused heavy flash floods destroying everything that came its way. The flood was touted as the worst disaster to hit the state in a century.

Thousands of humanitarian organisations flocked to Kerala to lend their support to the flood victims. CBM India has responded with immediate relief activities in Kottayam, Alleppey, Ernakulam and Pathanamthitta districts which helped 4920 households recover physically as well as psychologically. Around 150 health camps has helped 30000 people overcome the immediate trauma. The project has also strengthened the primary health centres in two districts enabling access to health.

However, the road to normalcy was yet to be found. The state needed support to rebuild, reconstruct and revive its economy, which was reeling under the effects of the horrendous deluge.

CBM’s rehabilitation interventions of ‘Project Shakthi’ revolved around rebuilding the livelihood of 286 fishing families, specifically targeting persons with disabilities and their families. The project is inclusive with 27% households having persons with disabilities enabling them access to mobility and livelihood. The activities included repair of damaged boats, provision fishing nets, setting up mollusc processing units. The project also offered alternate livelihood with ducks, hi-tech poultry, cattle and goats. The model will also strengthen the value chain of existing livelihood options of fishing through market linkages ensuring inclusivity of persons with disabilities.

The project has strengthened community structure and interactions by formation of Disabled Peoples Organizations and new Self Help Groups. Above all, the training on Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction has enabled communities residing closer to the back water to get prepared to handle similar disasters in the future with minimum damage.

Project Shakthi have indeed provided the community the hope to rebuild their lives and unite to face any disaster in the future. CBM India thank CBM International, and our corporate donors—Wipro Cares, Bharathi Cement and Sonata Software for the support extended.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Project has covered 27% household having people with disabiliteis
  • Project not only restroed the livelihood of fishermen who lost it in flood, but also stregthened it with establishment of a cold storage
  • Water way is the only mode of transport in one hamlet; hence made an accessible ferry, ensuring mobility of people with disabilities
  • Strengthened 16 primary health care centres with supply of medical equipments
  • Project enabled 10 women to set up a tailoring unit. Now supporting with marketing tie ups

Project Donors and Partners

Wipro Cares, Bharati Cement, Sonata Software, BPA, CBM

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