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Holistic Rural Development Project


Organization : Udyogini


Location : Rajasthan


Project Description

The proposed project aims to create economic resilience of the rural-tribal community to reduce poverty and vulnerability to shocks through delivery of business, ecological and social services to achieve economic and social empowerment in Sapotra district of Rajasthan.

Specifics objectives of the proposed project are to;
Deliver Business services to


Specifics objectives of the proposed project are to;

Deliver Business services to:

  • Enhance capacity–knowledge, attitude, and skills (KAS)-of rural-tribal community to sustainably manage their natural resources –land, water, and livestock-to strengthen the livelihood
  • Enhance capacity –knowledge, attitude, and skills (KAS)-of rural-tribal community to sustainably manage basket of compatible farm, livestock and non-farm based enterprises to enhance the income
  • Enhance the capacity of Udyogini to design and manage Information Communication & Technological (ICT) enabled business, financial and social security services for scaling up the basket of compatible natural resource, farm and non-farm based enterprises.

Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

To address the following through the project:


'Ecological poverty’ can be seen as the lack of an ecologically healthy natural resource base that is needed for a human society’s survival and development in sustainable manner. High levels of ‘ecological poverty’ today prevent rural-tribal community from helping themselves to improve their economic condition. Healthy lands and ecosystems, when used sustainably, can provide all the wealth that is needed for healthy and dignified lives.


'Economic poverty’ is reflected in behaviour of rural-tribal community during economic transactions, buying items for consumption and production (agriculture, livestock etc) selling product (crop produce, milk and milk products) and services (wage labour, skilled labour), securing technical and professional advice etc.


The economic and ecological poverty is further deepened or affected by the lack of access to requisite information, thereby creating ‘Information poverty’ which is reflected in lack of requisite skills, abilities or material means to obtain efficient access to information, interpret it and apply it appropriately to sustainable manage and utilize their natural resources and interact or negotiate with ever-changing market dynamics.


The Project is designed to develop and evaluate ecological, business and social protection services that shall target afore-mentioned poverty dimensions.


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