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SCALE- Rajasthan


Organization : Wadhwani Initiative for Sustainable Healthcare (WISH Foundation)


Location : Rajasthan


Project Description

SCALE – Rajasthan is a charismatic 5 year public private partnership initiative between WISH Foundation and the Government of Rajasthan to transform the primary healthcare delivery for the underserved populations. Its dynamism lies in demonstrating and scaling up high impact innovative solutions using a medley of public, private and market based partnerships.

Purpose: By 2020 establish a fully operational, quality compliant, efficient primary healthcare delivery system in 12 high priority districts of Rajasthan with 20 scaled up innovations serving 5 million poor, underserved populations.

Aligned with national, state and global goals: achieve priority Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Development Goals, and Health for All goals of the Government of Rajasthan by addressing critical delivery gaps within the integrated RMNCH+A program.

Strategic Activities

  • Fostering public private partnerships to convert dysfunctional Primary Health Centers and Subcenters.
  • A network of 200 health institutions comprising of 30 PHCs and 158 Subcenters are being developed into model clinics in 12 districts.
  • Launch and demonstrate Hi-Impact innovations to create model PHCs and SCs.
  • A range of innovations in Point of Care (PoC) and portable diagnostic, mHealth, Telemedicine, Health ATMS, Integrated data analytics platform to provide services at the doorsteps, early identification, and better management and reduce OOE for BoP.
  • Demonstrate acceptance and impact of asset-light, user paid, affordable private primary healthcare clinics in areas with remotely located PHCs that increases choice, access and quality for underserved
  • Electronic Health Centers
  • Amrit Clinics
  • Developing local entrepreneurship programs and market based partnerships to build sustainable high-quality primary healthcare products and services. The program builds local entrepreneurship in rural areas in partnerships with Rajasthan Skills & Livelihood Corporation Limited (RSLDC) and local Panchayats to identify to provide business opportunities for local communities using both PPP and private market approaches for the following innovations.
  • IT enabled health kiosk offering teleconsultation, diagnostics and medicine at subcenters
  • LABIKE Advance diagnostics delivered through an entrepreneur
  • Community based program to address malnutrition
  • Mainstream and sustain scaling up of healthcare innovations in Rajasthan.

Project Type : Government


Project Donors and Partners

Government of Rajasthan

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