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Education Support for 2100 underprivileged children


Organization : Sevalaya


Location : Tamil Nadu


Project Description

Sevalaya administrates a free school for 2100 orphans & underprivileged children that located at Kasuva and 7 kms from Thirunindravur. The children enrolled in their school are mostly from 40 neighboring villages. Most of the children have the family background of single parent, broken, downtrodden families. They provide free high-quality education to the children. Provide free notebooks, two sets of uniform, and stationery for the students, each year. The Sevalaya school provides value education to help children become better human beings. They follow the BGV (Bharathi Gandhi Vivekananda) principles.


Target Beneficiaries: Underprivileged Children between the age group of 3-17.


Goal: To sustain the education of 2100 underprivileged children being promoted to their next class, with the ultimate goal of providing equal opportunities to every individual despite their sex, caste, color etc. Thereby, reducing the drop-out rate of students further and enabling them to develop their skills in a supportive environment.


Expected Outcome:


  • Greater possibility of extra-curricular engagement
  • Possibility for a brighter future
  • Opportunity to become more responsible citizens


  • A further drop in the drop-out ratio
  • Increase in the number of student enrolments
  • Improvement in overall academic performance of the students.

Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Consistently producing 100% results in 10th standard and 12th standard state exams. The 10th standard top mark in school was 483/500 and was just 11 marks short of the state top rank.
  • Very low dropout rate – 99% of students who join KG go on to complete the 12th standard exam.
  • Majority of students finish school with very high percentage.
  • All people finishing of school go on to complete higher studies and become employed.

Project Donors and Partners

SPI global, Amrutanjan, etc

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