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Ignite Schools Program


Organization : Bhumi


Location : Tamil Nadu


Project Description

The Bhumi fellowship is a 2-year, non-residential fellowship programme designed to bring in smart committed young people to transform the schooling system in India. Through this programme they aim to positively impact the lives of one million children in the next decade. This professional programme will develop the youth into Change Facilitators who enable schools to function better as an ecosystem. The fellows will be placed in government and other low-income schools full-time for two years. The fellows will focus on professional development of teachers, leadership development of school leaders and whole school transformation. The programme is ongoing in and around Chennai.


The Programme aims to:

  • Transform headmasters into visionary leaders of their schools who lead teachers and teachers in turn transforming into empathetic leaders inside and outside the classroom driving holistic excellence in students
  • Students becoming motivated and engaged learners yielding confidence of their abilities and skills to thrive in school and beyond
  • Parents and community becoming invested in the child’s holistic learning/growth and creating enriching learning environments through school stakeholders
  • Mold fellows into skilled education leaders and entrepreneurs who utilize their grassroots fellowship experience to lead education ventures that implement innovative solutions to address educational inequity and improve the quality of education for all.

Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Driven by young changemakers who will be social entrepreneurs to transform the schooling system in India
  • Imparts socio-emotional learning amongst teaches to make the schools a child-centric ecosystem
  • Engages the teachers and HMs towards school’s vision thus empowering the low-income schools towards a better educational institution imparting quality holistic education
  • Also focuses on the infrastructure development of the schools besides its stakeholders.

Project Donors and Partners

Qualcomm, SEW Eurodrive, Flex, BNP Paribas

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