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Oxygen Generation Plant


Organization : Hindu Mission Hospital


Location : Tamil Nadu


Project Description

PSA OXYGEN GENERATOR is an on-site 24/7 solution for production and supply of oxygen gas as and when required as it generates oxygen @ 93% purity 4-5 Bar. This in-campus oxygen plant stands to an advantage as against solely purchasing oxygen cylinders. This plant is not only cost effective but also offers uninterrupted supply of oxygen. The reason being, during the 2015 Chennai floods, statistics showed that several patients lost their life in other hospitals due to delayed arrival or no show of oxygen cylinders as the roads were not motorable. Given the fact that they are confronted with natural calamities almost every year, to have a set-up of an oxygen generation plant equips them to face such challenging times. Through this plant they are catering to 1231 patients per day on an average. In the last 9 months they have given complete concession on O2 for 22 needy patients.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Uses the most reliable and proven PSA (pressure swing absorption) technology
  • Utmost convenience
  • No vendor dependence for supply of Liquid Medical / Cylinder
  • No safety hazard
  • No wastage & pilferage
  • No need to monitor and indent stock
  • No spiralling prices
  • Fully automatic system
  • Auto changeover from generator to cylinder and vice versa
  • Only raw material required is Air and Power

Project Donors and Partners

Oxymat, Denmark

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