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Empowering adolescent children with life skills education (LSE)


Organization : Sankalp


Location : Telangana


Project Description

Background to the project

Teaching and learning life skills are essential for empowering children to succeed in education and personal goals. While significant progress has been made to increase access to education, there is a mismatch between what is learned in school and the skills needed to engage productively and meaningfully in society.

Lack of awareness about LSE, lack of knowledge of LSE teaching approaches, pressure to complete syllabi, and failure to recognize the value and influence of LSE are some of the challenges.

Life skills provide children with essential tools for development, such as independent thinking, socializing and making new friends, and taking action in situations where their parents or teachers may not be around to help or intervene. Life skills will help children develop sound judgment and good habits for long-term stability, wellness, and success. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) India has recognized that along with academics, life skills education is critical for enabling children to thrive.  CBSE has further advocated that relevant life skill education must be imparted to children to meet society's needs and demands.

The focus of the Project

The project’s key focus is to equip children studying in Classes 6-10 in Dr. BR Ambedkar’s educational Institutions with LSE to function confidently, competently, and effectively with themselves, their friends, and other community members.  These practical skills help individuals handle social, physical, mental, and cultural problems.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

Life skills education was provided to students ranging from class 6 to class 10. Each session had a duration of 2.5 hours and took place over a period of six days. The sessions were designed to be engaging and interactive, incorporating fun activities, real-life scenarios, and role plays. A total of six sessions were delivered to each class, effectively reaching students from class 6 to class 10.

Through this initiative, students were able to develop essential interpersonal skills, learn effective strategies for managing anxiety, and acquire the ability to resolve conflicts amicably. These sessions played a crucial role in equipping children with valuable life skills that will benefit them in various aspects of their lives. 

We have taken an additional step to enhance knowledge retention by creating impact posters on life skills. These posters have been prominently displayed in schools for students to view on a daily basis. By providing visual reminders and reinforcement of the key concepts and skills learned during the life skills education sessions, we aim to ensure that students continue to benefit from the program in the long term.


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