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Universal Access to Safe Surgery


Organization : Dakshas (Sharma Family Charitable Trust)


Location : Telangana


Project Description

Dakshas is a healthcare nonprofit project to realize Universal Healthcare, sans financial constraints, by:

  • Bot based: transfer of care from specialists to primary, hospital to clinics

  • Demand-Supply Aggregation : tap into free healthcare capacity to treat marginalized patients

  • Plug resources gaps in charitable/trust hospitals

  • Bridge funding poor patients


Pain Clinics: Dakshas runs 9 ‘Pain Clinics’ within Hyderabad. The unique aspect of these clinics is that they’re embedded within the pre-existing hospitals and clinics which is managed by an in-house physiotherapist. Each physiotherapist screens the patients, using a pre-designed, and validated electronic questionnaire to identify the ‘Red-flag’ signs. All the patients who were identified with the red flag signs are further reviewed by our medical team. Further plan for investigations and surgical interventions are planned under the guidance of ortho surgeon. Old Age Homes (OAH): Dakshas works with 10 OAH within the proximity of Hyderabad. OAH residents are screened for the ‘red-flag’ signs and fall prevention using the STEADI methodology. Patients with red-flag are reviewed by our specialists. Those who need surgical intervention are referred to our partner hospitals. OAHs are evaluated for fall risk hazards, and appropriate corrections are made by Dakshas. General Duty Assistant (GDA) monitor vitals regularly which are remotely monitored in real-time using an OAH Dashboard. GDAs are also responsible for the nutrition and hygiene needs of bed-ridden abandoned elderly.Partner specialists hospitals: Dakshas has partnered with 8 hospitals, where patients from all our programs are sent. The hospitals utilize the underutilized beds and the free time of the surgeon. Based on the socio-economic condition and the amount which patient could afford to spend on the surgery, the surgical costs are waived off for the patient. During discharge, Dakshas covers the remaining cost of the surgery. Post discharge follow-up is done through phone calls.



In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dakshas has started the distribution program for PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) and other protective equipment across four core areas:- 1)Old Age Homes: Old Age Homes has been one of the core programs of Dakshas. Since the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic across the country, Dakshas started training nurse assistants, remote monitoring and supplying PPE kits for caregivers. We also collect PPE utilization reports and feedback reports on all our programs on a regular basis. 2)Healthcare Workers- Promote adoption of best practices and rational use of PPE. Also, ensure that healthcare workers from community health centers to COVID_19 ICU's have adequate, certified PPE for use. 3)Ration Shops- The ration shops are the major points of contact for people to buy their essential supplies. It is imperative that these stores should maintain standard hygienic procedures to keep the food supplies and essential goods safe. As of the current situation, Dakshas is providing basic protective equipment of gloves, facemask, liquid bleach, and hand sanitizers to 175 ration shops all over Hyderabad. 4)Rural Outreach Program- Dakshas has started the Rural Outreach Program by initiating an intervention in the village of Adibatla, located in the Ibrahimpatnam mandal of the Ranga Reddy District. We managed to supply the PPE’s to the health staff, and also assisted them in spreading awareness against COVID-19 in the village. We’re also planning to create an isolation space in the Adibatla Primary Health Center(PHC).



Project Type : Donor funded


Special Features of Project

Dakshas enables high-quality, ethical and affordable healthcare free of financial constraints by

  • Tapping into free healthcare capacity at variable cost
  • Extreme cost control, without reinventing any wheel
  • Aggregate Demand-Supply

Project Donors and Partners

TATA Trusts, Ramakrishan Math (Hyderabad)

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