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Elementary Education Resource Centre


Organization : Nalanda


Location : Uttar Pradesh


Project Description


Nalanda believes that access to quality education advances human security by opening the doors for better economic opportunity, political participation and human capabilities.

The objectives of the intervention were as follows:

  • To evolve models and develop resources called learning hubs each catering to schools in peripheral villages for child centric intervention so that they add to the quality of elementary education.
  • To provide technical and academic support to various government and non government organizations and institutions.
  • To facilitate quality primary education for the large chunk of Muslim children who attend Madarsas.
  • To capacitate NGOs and improve their perspective and skill sets so that they may implement better programs for quality elementary education.

In its new approach Nalanda decided to cover all the education needs of a child in a specified geographical area as a thrust towards continuing education. Clusters within selected districts were chosen for this purpose to create models for an integrated approach to elementary education for a child.

As a result of the intervention:

  • Community participation through regular SMC meetings is now a routine feature in the school improvement program and particularly around learning hubs.
  • Sitting arrangements, classroom management practices, teaching learning procedures, punishment mechanisms etc. have all undergone a change where Nalanda is working.
  • Children under the ITE program have started using computers to do some of their academic activities and also use the net to improve their arena of learning. Development of various projects on local situations by children of ITE centres has increased community interest and involvement in the program.
  • A large number of children have actually started attaining age and class specific competency levels through the learning hub initiative and the teachers of peripheral schools Through the NGO capacity building program, Nalanda has started capacitating NGOs. These NGOs now have an internal resource group which is aware of various aspects of quality education.


Special Features of the Project

  • High community participation and outreach
  • High program recognition and credibility
  • Steep in both quantitative and qualitative outcomes

Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Tata Trust

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