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HCL Samuday


Organization : HCL Foundation


Location : Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

HCL Samuday, established in 2014, is a direct action by HCL Foundation to develop a source code for sustainable, scalable, and replicable rural development across six work areas: Education, Livelihood, Health, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Water and Sanitation. This source code will be used to develop villages in partnership with central and state government, village communities, NGO’s, knowledge institutions and allied partners.

The project implementation started in April 2015 and is currently operational in the central zone of Uttar Pradesh (Madhyanchal) in Hardoi District across three blocks - Kachhauna, Behandar and Kothawan. The project covers a total of 720 villages, 164 Gram Panchayats (GPs) with 90,000+ Households (HH) and a population of around 6 lacs.

HCL Samuday Is Active Across Six Themes / Sectors:


Under the Education work area for a Model Village, HCL Samuday focuses on two elements - sustainability and community involvement where the major focus is on quality education and engaging community through mobilizing children, adult learners and activating School Management Committees (SMCs).


Under WASH vertical in HCL Samuday, each intervention is designed with key objectives that help to achieve the overall vision of WASH - ‘A completely clean village with access to safe drinking water’.


Under the Livelihood work area for a Model Village, HCL Samuday is working towards increasing income of Marginalized Individual Households (HHs) by creating multiple income generation activities and social empowerment.


Under Agriculture vertical, HCL Samuday envisages a vision where 100% marginal farmers are aware of modern and sustainable agricultural practices, 90% of them are linked to best price buyers, along with greater access to entitlements. The definition also inculcates a holistic approach towards sustainability, and maintaining healthy nutrition intake in village communities through introducing the concept of Nutrition Garden in every third household of the village.


Under the Infrastructure work area, HCL Samuday is working towards 100% Village Electrification of un-electrified habitations (Households) through Community owned and community operated Solar PV Systems and 100% solar electrification of completely or partially un-electrified public institutions/facilities.


India ranks among the top five countries globally in terms of absolute numbers of maternal and child deaths. As per the latest NFHS (National Family Health Survey), Uttar Pradesh has the lowest indicators of maternal and child health. HCL Samuday vision is “to attain the highest possible level of health & wellbeing for mothers, children & their families at village level through a preventive, promotive & curative service.”

Water & Sanitation:

This water and sanitation program addresses both infrastructure and behaviour change issues by providing clean drinking water, eliminating open defecation, and creating safe sanitation facilities in public institutions like primary schools. A community-led total sanitation (CLTS) approach is being used to build appropriate toilets and overcome any behavioural challenges to creating open defecation-free gram panchayats.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Johns Hopkins University, The Energy and Resources Institute, Public Health Foundation of India, The National Agro Foundation

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