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SNS Education (Sampoorn Nai Shiksha)


Organization : DEVI SANSTHAN


Location : Uttar Pradesh


Project Description

"Sumpoorn Nai Shiksha (SNS)" or "All-encompassing New Education " project aims to equip government schools and non-formal learning centers with a holistic education that addresses not only a child’s intellectual/material needs but also provides him with a human and social perspective and addresses her spiritual need. It has been designed as a 7-point empowerment program for the underprivileged and the illiterate populations of India, with special emphasis on the education of the girl-child. The curriculum is an integration of 7 points in a unique program that defines "outcomes" and the development of certain "fundamental capabilities and skills" in each individual, such as the ability to take concepts to reality, the ability to make the right choices, to work consciously for the common good, develop a love for beauty, respect for others and the environment, and to work and live with diversity, among others.


These 7 points include:

  • Universal Values – virtues of the spirit that transcend all cultures
  • A Global Understanding and Perspective – that will lead to a change in attitude, helping the human spirit to overcome barriers of prejudice, communalism and a narrow nationalism
  • Excellence in All Things – with a special emphasis upon the striving of the human mind for knowledge, innovation and change, drawing upon each person’s unique mix of capabilities
  • Service to Human – exploiting human skills and the functions of the body in projects that are at once consultative and participatory and directing human potential to a wider consciousness than current education aims to provide
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Arithmetic


Implementation model

  • Non-formal Learning Centres: Corporations, NGOs and individual volunteers can setup SNS education centers in communities to provide alternative schooling for children. DEVI Sansthan will train the master trainers and volunteers in the curriculum.
  • Government schools: DEVI Sansthan in collaboration with governments can train government school teachers to implement the curriculum in government schools

Project Type : Others


Special Features of Project

  • Flexibility: A lot of flexibility has been built-in within the SNS educational program so that locals can make a significant contribution to its success and teachers can, without much difficulty, modify the curriculum to suit local needs. For example, if a suggested theme in curriculum is study of the plants and these plants are not locally available, these could be easily modified by the teacher or students.
  • Language: Local implementing agencies may provide training in a local language as well. In this case, the same worksheets as included in the SNS program can be re-done in the local language.
  • Recognition of SNS for further admission: Their experience shows that after completing the SNS project course in non-formal learning centers (which is not accredited by the government), students are readily able to get into mainstream schools beyond grade 5. The admission process in schools tends to examine the ability of the child rather than rely upon recognized certification to determine admission at this age.
  • Research Based: It is based on worldwide research and evidence and uses John Hattie’s world’s largest meta-analysis of educational research.

Project Donors and Partners

DEVI Sansthan, Individual Donors, Target Plus Education,Global Classroom, Uttar Pradesh Government

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