Sustainable Livelihood Approach for Women and Adolescent Girls in Natural disaster affected area of Pithoragarh district-Uttarakhand- CSR Projects India

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Sustainable Livelihood Approach for Women and Adolescent Girls in Natural disaster affected area of Pithoragarh district


Organization : Society for the Upliftment of Villagers & Development of Himalayan Areas(SUVIDHA)


Location : Uttarakhand


Project Description

In response to damages caused by the floods and ensuing need for relief and rehabilitation, SUVIDHA as an implementing agency for Department of Women Empowerment & Child Development, Dehradun has undertaken the project for the Livelihood Improvement of Adolescent Girls and Women in Disaster affected area of Pithoragarh District. The areas selected for the project are disaster affected and have wide scope of livelihood improvement.

The area covered is 12 Villages of Munsyari Block of Pithoragarh District. The targeted beneficiaries for the project are 500 Women and adolescent girls from Munsyari block.

The women and adolescent girls in the disaster affected area are being empowered with training on various Training Centers cum Production unit, which cater to their training needs according to the best modern module in the market and simultaneously facilitating them with the market linkage.

Handloom Training Centre:

27 Women are being trained in the art and trade of Handloom in Sainarthi village; the women of Kimketh, Bedumeher villages were also covered in the same.

Stitching Training Centre

at Disaster affected village now accommodates 55 women from the community for learning of the skill and trade. Jarthi shifted to nachni.

Knitting Center at Timtiya Village

Of Munsyari Block Pithoragarh Distict Uttarakhand schools 22 Women in livelihood trade of knitting and plan have been sketched to link the beneficiaries to the market, employing a sustainable livelihood resource.

Handicraft Training Centre:

Traditional Ringal Handicrafts are still popular among the tourist and the locals alike and space market in local fests and tourists places. But the art and craft of Ringal Handicrafts is slowly dying with lack of new artisans and modern training for better and more designed products. Handicraft Training Centre at Namik has by now trained 40 women and adolescent girls in trade of Handicraft. Munsyari which holds optimum possibility to can turn into profitable business for Handicraft artisans if properly marketed.

Kumaon Food Centre

Is lucrative business model will be established in Birthi and run by women of Bhandari Village. The Kumaon Food Centre will presents tourist with local Kumauoni Delicacies and additionally market the local farm produce of the beneficiaries in the project area. As of 2015-16 the project under this activity included site and staff selection and is scheduled to go live in coming months of financial year 2016-17.


Project Type : Donor funded


Project Donors and Partners

Department of Women Empowerment & Child Development, Dehradun

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