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Building Entrepreneurs to Stop Trafficking (BEST)




Location : West Bengal


Project Description

BEST (Building Entrepreneurs to Stop Trafficking) is a new program aimed at rehabilitating survivors of trafficking in women and children who have faced the stigma of sex trade and travails of bonded labor, discrimination, and social taboo. This pioneering program directs disadvantaged women and girls toward respectable professions through entrepreneurship and IT skills training. Engaging survivors of women trafficking is a serious challenge and through this transformational program, Anudip brings a fresh perspective by helping at-risk women learn information technology skills to generate self-driven income opportunities for substantial impact.


Working in vulnerable districts Anudip identifies women and girls who have been rescued and reunited with their families but still face the inevitable trauma and stigma to break through the social taboos and train women in IT skills to find respectable employment in the sector. The combination of respectable employment and financial independence together helps them gain confidence and dignity and create a better life for themselves. 82 trafficking survivors at-risk women have been trained in digital skills and mentored, with 41 being business-initiated through IT-Crowdsourcing women cooperatives under BEST.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • High impact trailblazing program to create livelihoods for victims of human trafficking
  • Equip students with digital entrepreneur skills
  • Provide a voice and pathway to the beneficiaries to become a dignified citizen

Project Donors and Partners

Accenture, Titan, Hindustan Unilever

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