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Lotus Rescue Choti si Asha initiative


Organization : Lotus Rescue Peace Education Culture Creativity Society


Location : West Bengal


Project Description

The Lotus Rescue Choti si Asha initiative has been specially designed for marginalized children with various special needs and learning disabilities so that hey become self-sustainable throughout their lives. This program currently has 30 students with 2 special educators. The project provides free schooling, nutrition meals, yoga, psychological counselling and extra-curricular activities classes to children with various special needs like mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, and speech and learning disorders to mention some. Also, free vocational training is provided to the adolescents and the adults so that they can stand on their own feet and earn their own living.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

The special features of Lotus Rescue Choti si Asha initiative are:

  • It removes the misconceptions, domestic violence, superstitions and stress of the parents and society as well.
  • It gives exposure to the students so that they can act independently in daily life situations.
  • It focuses on functional academics on a need and age basis so that the students can function on their own in social settings like schools, workplaces, and communities to mention some.
  • It gives a scientific and logical explanation of the reasons and the future of the disabilities.
  • It provides the adult students free vocational training so that they can get a scope in earning and becoming self-sufficient.

Project Donors and Partners

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