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Lotus Rescue Women Empowerment Project


Organization : Lotus Rescue Peace Education Culture Creativity Society


Location : West Bengal


Project Description

The Lotus Rescue Women Empowerment Project is based on the themes of women empowerment and rural livelihood. The entire project has been divided into two sections- The Women Literacy Program and The Nari Saksham Program. This project has 500 beneficiaries spread over our 13 centres in Sundarbans, Kolkata, Newtown, Bongaon, Chanda, Shyamnagar, Tetulia, Panpur, Dangal, Shyamnagar, Khardah and Narayanpur.

The Women Literacy Program imparts free elementary education, spoken English, adult literacy, financial and digital literacy and yoga classes along with free health camps and psychological counselling. 

The Nari Saksham Program provides free vocational training to the women so that they become financially independent, self-sustainable and are able to look after their families well. We offer free beautician, bamboo-work, embroidery and tailoring, patachitra and nan-kathies making, snacks making, incense sticks making, menstrual hygiene product making and martial arts classes. The products that they make after attending these courses are sold off at Lotus Stores, various exhibitions, haats and their income is generated from there.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

The special features of Lotus Rescue Women Empowerment Project are:

  • It promotes women's participation through capacity building and vocational training.
  • It helps to increase the financial abilities of these women by enabling them to purchase food for their families, educate their children (girl child focus), afford better health, clothing and shelter for their children.
  • It encourages the women to become self-reliant and financially independent so that they can reduce poverty and attain improved standards of living.
  • It ensures the elimination of all kinds of violence against women and children through full participation in social, economic and political spectra at all levels by bringing the women into mainstream of development.
  • It imparts free education at the elementary level and classes on adult, digital, social and financial literacy so that the women are aware of their rights and the world around them.
  • It focuses on the holistic development of the women so that they are physically, emotionally, financially, psychologically and mentally fulfilled.

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